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Nazarov on the all-star game: "Zaripov had to leave tat or gear, not echpochmak"

Coach Andrei Nazarov shared his thoughts about the past FONBET the KHL all-Star game.

"I do Not agree with my longtime friend and colleague in the coaching workshop Vladimir Plushevii. In my opinion, no circus was not. On the contrary, Matches of stars is created to have elements of the show. Serious hockey the viewer enough during the season – now again resumed the regular championship KHL, so no problem with wrestling and the professional component will not.

Sometimes you need to relax and reboot. Think happy and the players and the spectators. Week star, in my opinion, failed. In the KHL worked perfectly.

the Only thing I don't quite understand why Danis Zaripov took to the ice with a giant echpochmack. Still, Danis our, Chelyabinsk. He, like I, was born in Chelyabinsk. I think that Zaripov was supposed to go on the ice with the Chelyabinsk tat or gear from the tractor. Generally with the change of government and appointment of a new Prime Minister hockey centre, apparently, will gradually move to Moscow", – said Nazarov.

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