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Quote #459618 17.01.2020 at 08:11

Book Runet

Mail From TPL842ND: I found in the entrance of the student card, in my opinion sberovskaya was(I do not remember why so I decided, perhaps because Sberbank arrow), stepped on it, as someone calling me on it also targeting. Then I just transferred to this card 10 rubles with the message - "Found, will return call." 5 minutes later called boy, living in our porch and met me on the floor, gave him a map.

This I mean that almost all the cards attached to the mobile phone, no need to be Sherlockhomes to finding a map so long to find the owner. By the way, the boy turned 10 re back with the message "Thanks :)"

Vano Ghulyan: Mail a good option, not guessed. I just called the hot line of Sberbank, they say so and so found a map called the number and nakogo it they said the card was blocked, cut its master will inform and make a new

Natalie: Vano, "cut her master"... Much..)) Commas are sometimes needed))

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