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How to work on PROFITCENTR?

Serega's blog Goncharova 15.01.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Yes too, I will now describe the books. It's pretty good and pays. Once I was on it was, but not coverage.

This books is good for earning and advertising.

so let's begin.

First as always, check. I think everyone can understand. Don't forget to confirm your mail and activate your account. By the way don't forget to grab 0.2 points. If you do not know where, for you tip on the picture.

the Next step, fill the account. To do this, go to left tab (Personal account — My personal information). Fill in all that there is, and tied to all the social networks. Filling out the account, you will receive 5 points of rating. Yes you can go on vacation. In case you are tired of working, but to lose points is not desirable. At the bottom click "Go on vacation".

what rating?

the bigger, the steeper, respectively, and earnings. Below is the comparison of statuses.

in Addition to these statuses, there is also the status of the Deputy and the Oligarch. But they are more for show-off.

How to earn points?

it's very simple:

the Filling of the personal data (Name, gender, date of birth) +5 points

Attracted the referral is filled out (Name, gender, date of birth) +2 points

the Transfer of funds from DOS. account on advertising for each complete 10 rubles +1 point the Referral is added to advertising expense for each complete 10 rubles +0.5 points Withdrawal from the system for each complete 10 rubles +1 point Referral withdrew funds from the system for each complete 10 rubles +0.5 points When calculating the ranking orders and transfers are Not cumulative, are considered orders and transfers from 10 rubles and above. The calculation of the score takes place instantly and automatically. Daily bonus for activity +0.2 points (Taking into account times per day) For each Board +1 point

All we can move to the sections of the earnings and begin to produce denyushku.

How usually warn. Jobs are freeloaders. They love to them all your work was free. They come across as advertisers sending to check empty or fake reports. There are those who gives you the mission, but refuses to pay it.

will First show how to choose the job and that you need to pay attention. Always look at the rating of the task and the number of approved and rejected reports. Five stars in the rating tasks suggests that the advertiser is honest. Should also be more accepted, paid reports.

If you decide to put tasks in your project, you also should protect yourself. Do the correct job settings. Below the picture. The cost is expensive for just 5 cents, but the traffic performers are very good. Riders your job simply is not shown. As a rule they come from different devices and their rating is quite small due to the constant complaints of other users.

How else can you earn?

the referral. Take the link and advertise it. Link to take (Referral system — Invite referrals).

you can Also buy referrals in exchange. Unlike other PTC sites, here you can buy referrals with minimum status.

Another project, there is such a thing as Goodref. Just 30 rubles, you can take a place here. What gives? And gives it to auto join you to a free referral.

And don't forget to set your referrals contests, bonuses and Ref-Beck. People are much nicer to work if they share the earnings.

I Want to tell you how to install Ref-Beck. Find where he is he is still a pain in the ass.

to establish referrals Ref-Beck, pass (Ref system — My referrals — Set Ref-Beck)

Well, that's all. Leave you the link to the site. I hope that article was useful for you, write it in the comments

so far, and good luck with earnings!

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