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Course overview "the Golden Apple" Approved.

Serega's blog Goncharova 17.01.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Today we are reviewing the course to make money on the Internet "Golden Apple."

just want to say that the course work, and really worth the money.

this time I will not rely on the sales chart. Just give you a link at the bottom you'll see. The sales Manager is quite simple, I would say as all those who want to earn. And if I didn't have the course to learn and I would be looking just by sales, as do many obzorschiki, I would say that the Scam.

But no information of sufficient quality and working.

the theme Itself is of course not new, about the mediation has long been known. But everything I studied before was too time-consuming. The author has really automated the process.

the Course consists of 8 video lessons in which person is really in practice shows what to do. Also there are the templates and the communication of the table. And links to services which the author uses in his work.

in the video lessons:

Lesson 1 — the Scheme of earnings.

Lesson 2 — How to work with tables given by the author. Also in this lesson, templates.

Lesson 3 — the Author gives 4 projects with which he has automated his actions. Shows registration.

Lesson 4 — Shows how to work on these 4 projects. How to communicate with people — customers.

Lesson 5 — are Given to projects in which we are looking for a contractor. It also shows the communication between a performer.

Lesson 6 — essentially a continuation of lesson 5. And shows just the time code of the customer and the contractor.

Lesson 7 — This is the automation of the process. How to hire more employees to track orders.

Lesson 8 — Hiring the worker for the selection of the contractor.

After viewing the course, I can say that promises, it is doable.

Easy and quick to learn — Yes, indeed. The video I watched about 1 hour. They all very clearly presented in detail. System setup for the evening — Yes. It is quite easy. Automation — Yes. But as for me better without it.

On the website the author has two tariffs. "Hard worker" and "BOSS."

According to the difference in price you don't miss anything. In fact, the rate of "BOSS" just added 2 video, 7 and 8 lessons at the rate of "Laborer" can be closed. The only thing that causes my sympathy to the rate of "BOSS", it is a bonus that is worth 3000 and 6000. There is also 2 of the tariff, which gives the author does not know.

so the rate of "BOSS" — in Addition to access video lessons are 2 specialists for a period of a week. The continued support of the author and a bonus course "Partnership mobility". To be honest, this rate I'd take just for the bonus. A LINK TO THE COURSE.

the Rate of "Laborer" — Only access to videos. So what. They are very clear. Earnings still semi-automated. By itself, this information is contained in course saves your time. This rate is more earnings, because you do not spend on specialists, don't forget, if you read above, professionals are given only for a week. Then you have them pay for themselves. And do not need lazy. A LINK TO THE COURSE.

Many will ask: "why can't you be with us to share it for free? You've already got it."

Yes there is. I also bought it. Like many who have already bought this course. So, in principle, for free share. When such information gets to the masses, then this way of earning just kills the competition. It is already no one can not earn. Agree that it is not fair to those who bought this course.

the Link to the website of the author of this course I give with a clear conscience. If you spend your money you will not regret it.

the Only thing that I can and will merge, those courses that don't work. I'll make the changes and tell you exactly how and what to do with them, so they still make a profit. This is done on purpose, so the authors of low-quality shit left without earnings and not deceive people.

I do not encourage anyone to purchase of course, this is your personal desire. I'm just checking the course and doing a review on it.

And that's it. Write in the comments if you like and submit courses for review.

so far, and good luck with earnings!

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