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How to work at Neobux?

Serega's blog Goncharova 20.01.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Today again about books, only about overseas.

Many people do not know how to work on it, so I write evil comments on the web that are earning pennies. In the beginning, Yes. But then more and more.

So how does it work?

In the first pass the check. Fill in your nickname, password, repeat password, e-mail, the referee should automatically put your date of birth and rewrite code. Agree to the project rules, and click continue.

Then you will receive in the mail code you want to copy and enter in the verification window. You to that will spread. I can't show you as already registered.

You will be thrown to the login window. Then you need to enter only Username — Your username Password — your Password and Verifikation Code to fill. Press the send button and go to profile.

to give you more work, you need to fill out a profile.

To do this, click where on the picture the arrow.

the Withdrawal of money is only available to NETELLER and Skrill when I typed 2$. Nothing do not need to bind themselves to the payment system register for e-mail. Just register your purses on the same mail with Neobux. As you can see from pictures not yet recruited 2$ button grey your payments. Then flourish.

to start earning, go to View Advertisement. Policewala all advertising that is.

Next, in Mini Jobs. At the moment there is only one job for 0,75 cents. Where it is necessary to register on the project.

Then go to the section Surveys surveys. There are quite a few two dollars, you can easily earn in a day.

you can Earn playing the game. You need to play at least 2 minutes. After the time need updated, that is to exit the game and again go into it.

the section Offers Tests from 0.0001 to pay 0,011 $ per one test.

under coins — Coins, you earn coins respectively. They need to buy gold. This status allows you to earn more. Just below here is a difference of status.

now, the present earnings. The system has exchange referrals. Your earnings basically can go with her. 3 referrals you can buy at 0.6$. And so on to 100 referrals. After you can buy gold status. The number of referrals can be increased.

In fact, the maximum number of purchased referrals up to 4000 at max status. Just below will show the comparison of these statuses.

Just don't forget to extend and control their purchased referrals. If the referral does not work 5 days it should change, otherwise you will be in loss.

the Website pays and works since 2008. Share a link with you.

that's it. Write in the comments if you enjoyed this article.

Thanks for attention and successful to you of earnings!

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