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English for Beginners - where to start?

IGeek — news of high technologies 24.01.2020 at 09:59

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If the English language is essential for career upcoming trip abroad or just wants to be the broad Russian soul, then to start immediate need!

it is generally Recognized that the most affordable and efficient in terms of price/quality, is learning by listening to the lessons and viewing of video tutorials, respectively, with obligatory performance of following this General advice, which are equally effective in all teaching methods.


1. Listen to the lessons whenever possible.

the beauty of audio recordings that you can listen to them at every opportunity as home or secretly from his superiors at work, travelling or food in General is harmful, but many pros outweigh the cons is ambiguous.

With such repeated listening, as they say, "subcortical" is recorded and automatically reported in the right moments the appropriate words and even whole sentences.

See exciting video and audio English lessons free:

2. Special relationship to the video tutorials.

of Course, no one has yet identified the minimal time parameters for video tutorials of the English language, but of course, that five minutes is not enough.

to Study the course it is necessary to carefully return back and careful analysis of the viewed material.

Special attention should be paid to the accuracy and articulation of sounds that will enhance the clarity of Your speech and "put" the right pronunciation of words.

Online Video+English audio course for Beginners:

3. Constantly learn new words.

Put feasible for the task number of words a day and constantly raise the "bar", training the memory.

First, it must be the words most used in everyday speech. Then the words-the building blocks without which it is impossible to build sentences.

4. Grammar is the basis of everything.

of Course fluent in English can without much knowledge of grammar, which is sufficient for online gaming or talking to himself, but did enough to communicate with native speakers of the language.

Simple English lesson grammar for beginners:

5. Repetition is the mother of learning.

How to learn any subject better and is easier to remember something that is constantly repeated and brought up to a certain automaticity.

In this case better not to repeat the abstract in the mind, and clearly needed saying out loud.

it is Recommended that communication with the same arbitrarily "students" using various Internet resources, it helps to overcome shyness and "put", even if not perfectly, speaking.

Regardless of the method of studying of the English language necessary to prepare for a difficult and long labor. It is only working with full dedication can help to achieve success.

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