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How to work on Ojooo?

Serega's blog Goncharova 22.01.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Today is another not bad books, which you can make good money.

Now tell how and what.

here we go!

You got on the home page, click "Register"

Fill the whole thing that you ask.

And also agree with everything, and click "Register"

Then ask you to verify your account using the code that came to you in the mail.

After this, simply log into the account.

First, as usual, go to settings and complete your profile.

to make go to "Bonus view".

At the moment I have 14 ads. Since I was previously registered on the site, I will say that as much advertising happens here every day. We are asked to click at least 4 advertisements. After that, we will be available to purchase referrals as well as deductions from them.

After you collect 0,2$ you can buy referral. Suggest just to do it. Gradually earn and buy referrals. This is the main earnings in this PTC site. To do this, just need to click on home page button "Rent referrals".

the rent go down and click on purchase.

you can Also invite direct referrals. This, too, to get the money. Go to "Tools for attracting referrals" and take out all materials for advertisement

While I recommend that you only these 3 ways to earn money on this PTC site. Everything else added is relatively long. Looks very damp and in many cases simply not working. You're just wasting their time.

as for withdrawals, the site displays. In a day you can earn 20$ without much effort if you adhere to the recommendations on the work. The conclusion is made on Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets.

On Ojooo also have statuses. But they did not differ from each other. Unlike other PTC sites they are not acquired by experience, and bought. So I see no reason that you recommend them to improve.

If you are interested this website, then catch the link.

And that's it. If you like then write about it in the comments, if not liked too write. You can even add to it. I will consider and fix it.

All the while, and good luck with earnings.

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