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Earnings on the currency exchange. Divorce. How not to get caught?

Serega's blog Goncharova 24.01.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Today I want to talk about a very common fraudulent scheme earnings.

don't worry you do not earn. And here you are.

recently to mail letters with offers of earnings. It is quite simple. Looks like this:

Deposit to your account in Payeer Qiwi or 1500 rubles. Purse can be any. The essence remains the same. Go to the currency exchanger BestChange. Exchange money from one account to the other for dollars. It is possible with the Payeer to Qiwi, you can reverse. After go to the Best and get the money back, but through him. Receive your income of 100 rubles. To do no more than 15 times a day.

Tempting, isn't it?

do Not jump to conclusions.

first of all, with a *****, to the left person shares with you this simple and lucrative way free. Although this you can sell for a round sum in the courses.

the second — find a fool who will agree to work at a loss. No such exchangers are buying or selling a currency with a margin of more than $ 100.

thirdly, pay attention to the official exchange rate. She can't be a lot different in the country.

what's the catch?

the Catch at the 3-point scheme. The fact that the exchanger in which there is specified fraudulent. You entice. You have been given the first two points. Everything turned out great! And then a bummer. I didn't have to do this circuit 15 times a day to understand. The money you will not come back. You've sent 1500 fraudsters, and not just you. Such as you can be hundreds and thousands.

please do Not fall for this Scam, who would you it was not offered. Remember this quick money as a currency exchange there. There is a long earnings increasing rate. You need to sit and monitor when a currency will go up and when down and exchanging. And earnings on the currency exchange exchange NO.

At this point in the black list of exchangers listed 3988 sites. And most likely they will be updated. Nothing is easier to create such an exchanger again at a different address and re-send email notifications to millions of people.

to Protect yourself from losing money, you can only pass such sentence of earnings.

How much I earn in Internet. Haven't seen to be able to earn easily and quickly. Even in the working course with autodarbnica people at least have to communicate and negotiate. Do not look for easy money, they are not even on the Internet.

And that's it. Write in the comments what you think.

All the while, and good earnings! Don't be suckers!

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