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How to work on AVISO?

Serega's blog Goncharova 27.01.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Today disassembled Buks, who for a year. This year the project has established itself as honest, and consistently pays earned money.

How much you earn?

So consistently as to all conditions, 300-400 rubles per day. Unless of course you know how to work and earn.

here we Go.

the First registration. It's simple. To come up with a username, enter email, and click register. The referrer you can not enter and do not choose, he will already be entered.

Next you will be displayed a warning window. Need to activate your account within one hour. If you do not activate your account it will remove.

After you confirm and login. Throws you to the statistics page. Her to stay didn't need. The only thing that is there, is the Ref-link. More about that later.

Go to settings. If anything, I marked in the picture below, where to find them.

In the settings fill in all that is. Are passed completely around. This is to ensure that you dripped rating.

Also click on a cookie to get 1 point of rating.

what is rating?

as you change the rating status, they were easier to earn. Just below the pictures comparing statuses.

How to earn a rating?

the Filling of the personal data (Name, gender, date of birth) +2 points Attracted the referral is filled out (Name, gender, date of birth) +1 point for the Transfer of funds from DOS. account on advertising for each complete 10 rubles +1 point Replenishment advertising account, for every full 100 rubles +5 points

the Referral is added to advertising expense for each complete 100 +3 points

Withdrawal from the system for each complete 10 rubles +1 point

Referral withdrew funds from the system for each complete 10 rubles +0.5 points

In one paid job +0.3 points

For each Board +1 point

Daily bonus for activity +1 point

For the lack of activity for 7 days, -1 point

I Think I have figured out now to the earnings.

Proceed to the section "Earn" any tab (surfing, emails, tasks, VK, Youtube). While you are a beginner and your account is not verified. You don't fight with Youtube. It's not terrible to gain rating easily. And everything else there in bulk.

jobs is a catch. Not everyone wants to pay for what you did. So before you take the job, see the rating, or the wall of the author of the task. There usually becomes clear pays the author or not. If 5 stars you can not look at the wall. If no stars, this can be in the case of a new job, check the wall. If you throw don't hesitate to find out why and write on the wall the author's opinion.

Another way of earning, invite referrals. Link take (Ref system and Promotional materials) and begin to advertise it.

Buying referrals on the exchange. Just see that a referral was active.

you Can set your profile on the hall of fame. The cost of accommodation only 1 ruble. Avatar can be hung for like 1 minute and a week.

as Good as in the referral system and "Gedref". For 20 rubles, you will be placed on the wall where another 17 people. You will be shown free to registered people. So they chose you, offer them more favorable terms (avtorefbek, contests, bonuses).

How to install avtorefbek?

Proceed to the section (Ref system- My referrals — Set refbek)

Also create bonuses and contests. This will motivate people to earn more for themselves and for you.

don't forget to write a welcome letter to your referrals. A nice little thing.

If you are interested in this project. Catch the link.

that's it. Write in the comments if I forgot something to describe.

All the while, and good luck with earnings!

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