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Kirk Hammett: Dave Mustaine changed after the anniversary concerts Metallica 28.01.2020 at 13:08

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In a recent interview with podcast "Let There Be Talk" guitarist vocal-instrumental ensemble "Metallica" kirk Hammett (Kirk Hammett) remembered on the anniversary concert of the group and how they changed the relationship with Dave Mustaine (Dave Mustaine):

"It was very, very, very cool. It's probably one of our best experiences from all the anniversaries that we had.

it Turned out a bit strange. When we invited Ron MacGown (Ron McGovney) (first Metallica bassist) and Dave Mustaine on the show, something happened... And it really has greatly improved our relationship with these guys, especially with Mustaine. After these concerts, the attitude of Dave to us just the hell has changed... something happened and our relationship with him just completely changed and became much better.

I think that this is due to the fact that he had already closed the question, coming up onstage and playing with us. And I remember my approach was something from the series: "Dave, play what you want, dude." If you want to take every fucking solo, I play rhythm guitar. For me it was not anything terrible. And I remember he looked at me, said... He just looked at me and said, "Okay". But I can tell you that he did not expect me to say.

When we played, I remember standing next to him, rose to him, he tore to shreds the solo while I played, and it was an important moment for both of us. And suddenly all this garbage, all these fucking bad vibes, all the schism, all this talk of shit's not fucking matter, I just no longer mattered. And we all remained friends. From now on, we fouled a tour of the "Big Four" (with the bands Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax) and it was great because we were all like connected to each other. And it's really approved and showed all of us as people who just love this fucking music who have a passion to her performance, and who demonstrate that passion everywhere we played!"