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Golden eagle: laureates The article 27.01.2020 at 11:51

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On 24 January took place the annual distribution of the prize "Golden eagle", which highlights the main Russian film and television projects for the year.

the Best film academicians of the ceremony "Golden eagle" declared the adaptation of the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky "Text" directed by Klim shypenko.

the film also brought another statue to Alexander Petrov for best actor and Ivan Yankovsky for a role of the second plan.

the Award for best Director and screenplay went to Alexey Sidorov for military blockbuster "T-34".

the Actress was named Victoria Miroshnichenko ("Cornstalk").

the Large number of award-winning Comedy by Valery Todorovsky "Odessa".

the Best serials were deemed "Godunov" and "stormy weather" and best actors television projects were Anna Mikhalkov ("Storm") and Pavel Derevyanko ("house arrest").

"Golden eagle" is awarded by the National Academy of arts and Sciences since 2002.

the Full list of winners and nominees:

Best film

Winner — "the Text"




"the Odessa"


Best Director

Winner — Alexey Sidorov "T-34"


Kantemir of Balakov "Cornstalk"

Klim Shipenko "Text"

Best actor in a movie

Winner Alexander Petrov "Text"


Yuri Borisov "Bull"

Alexander Petrov "T-34"

Best actress in a movie

Winner — Victoria Miroshnichenko "Cornstalk"


Stasia Miloslavskaya "Bull"

Irina Starshenbaum "T-34"

Best male role of the second plan

Winner: Ivan Yankovskiy "Text"

The nominees are:

Evgeniy Tsyganov, "Odessa"

Viktor Dobronravov "T-34"

Best female role of the second plan

Winner — Evgenia Brik "Odessa"


Maria Mironova "Speakerphone"

Ksenia Rappoport "Odessa"

Best screenplay

Winner — Alexey Sidorov "T-34"


Boris Akopov "the Bull"

Maxim Belozor "Odessa"

Best cinematography

Winner — Roman vasyanov "Odessa"


Ksenia Sereda, "a Tall girl,"

Michael Milasin "T-34"

Best music

Winner — Anna Drubich "Odessa"


Oleg Belov "Billion"

Nicholas Rostov "Text"

Best film editing

Winner — Tim Pavlenko "Text"


Igor Litvinski "Cornstalk"

Dmitry Korabelnikov "T-34"

Best costume

Winner — Vladimir Nikiforov, Dmitry Andreev "Tobol"


Alexander Osipov Odessa,

Ulyana Polyanskaya "T-34"

Best visual effects

Winner — LLC "Algus-Studio", "T-34"

The nominees are:

ALAMBIC VFX, Fedor Zhurov "Hero"

the Company AMALGAMA VFX "Tobol"

Best art Director

Winner — Vladimir Gudilin "Odessa"


Konstantin pakhotin "T-34"

Andrey Vasin, Ilya Mandrichenko "Tobol"

Best makeup artist and cosmetic effects

Winner — Natalia Gorina "Tobol"


Irina Lyashko Marina Evseenko "Balkan frontier"

Irina Lyashko "T-34"

Best sound

Winner — Alexander Kopeikin "Balkan frontier"


Alex Samodelka "T-34"

Paul Doreuli "Tobol"

Best foreign film in the Russian hire

Winner — "the lion King" (The Lion King)

the Nominees:

"Green book" (Green Book)

"One day in Hollywood..." (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)

Best documentary film

Winner — "No Statute of limitations. Opening the wardrobe of shame"


"Anton Chekhov and Isaac Levitan: a Double portrait in the interior of the age"


Best short film

Winner — "Interview"



"a historical mistake"

Best animated film

Winner of — "He can't live without cosmos"


"Lola the potato is alive"


Best TV movie or mini-series (10 episodes)

Winner — "Godunov"


"Call DiCaprio!"


Best TV series (10 episodes)

Winner — "stormy weather"


A. L. J. I. R.

"house arrest"

Best actress on television

Winner — Anna Mikhalkov's "the Storm"


Anna Ukolova "house arrest"

Tatiana Lyalina "stormy weather"

Best actor on television

Winner — Pavel Derevyanko "house arrest"


Alexander Petrov "Call DiCaprio!"

Alexander Yatsenko "stormy weather"

Award for contribution to Russian cinema

Alisa Freundlich