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Most intelligent: why we need smart watches?

Daily news from the world of mobile devices 28.01.2020 at 13:09 - News , reviews smartphones, PDA and mobile devices

They know how to tell time, read messages, monitor health, encourage sports, carefully Wake up in the morning. No wonder these watches are called "smart". Learned these modern gadgets and what they can do to help?

What is a smart watch

Smart watch is not just stylish and modern accessory. This high-tech assistant, acting in tandem with a smartphone and allows you to control the operation of the mobile phone. In addition, these clocks help you to stay healthy and significantly reduce the number of unnecessary actions, performing some tasks with one hand. With such a satellite is almost impossible to miss an important call or message, one second will be able to pay or keep track of your physical condition during a workout. A selection of the best smart watches that are on the market at the moment can be found in this article.

the Possibilities of smart watches

the Set of functions a modern gadget depends on its model.

the Main functions of the smartwatch:

1. Display time and date.

2. Receive notifications of calls and messages, including social networks and messengers.

3. Various event reminders, displaying a currency exchange rate, sports, cultural and other news, weather forecast, etc.

4. A standard set of clock alarm calculator, timer and stopwatch.

5. Displaying indicators of physical activity in the form of a pedometer, heart rate monitor and calorie counter.

6. Built-in GPS. This feature does not occur in all models, but the desired program can be installed on each type. This requires connection with a smartphone - it is the watch receives information about speed and distance.

7. Control your music player. To scroll through songs, adjust the volume, add or remove songs.

8. Installation of various applications. The principle is the same as on modern mobile devices via online store out any software, games and screensavers.

9. Voice assistant that looks for information online, making reminders, lists, set reminders, etc.

10. Two-way search. Using the phone you can find hours and Vice versa.

11. The signal loss. If the watch is left at home, at a party or public place - the smartphone comes mention.

12. Control of the camera. Using a specific set of commands, you can take a picture or record a video.

13. Mobile payments NFS.

What is the difference between smart watches in different price segments

More advanced models of smart watches have huge number of additional functions. Some have built-in SIM card and allow you to send messages and to search the web right on your watch screen. More expensive units have a built-in camera or your own music player. Available and models, where in addition to dynamic microphone. Thanks to this set you can make calls and record voice messages.

the Latest models are not only able to analyze the physical performance and workout results, but also to draw up a programme of exercise and activity. Many fashion brands produce their own copies. Here the price will depend not only on functionality but also on appearance and popularity of the brand.

Than a smart watch differ from a fitness tracker, fitness bracelet

the Main featured smart watches to fitness bracelets and fitness trackers is the first full-fledged operating system. The fitness device is largely simplified device. Them or no screens, or they are small in size, what's all the text message or notification can not be read. These gadgets aimed at tracking and analyzing physical activities.

because of the small size of a fitness band or tracker, you cannot set the slot for the SIM card, and therefore the user will not be available for many functions, which can boast of a smart watch. Big clock screen allows you to display much of the information, which is not about fitness gadgets, there are results of the workout on the display of the smartphone.

what to look for when choosing a smartwatch

Deciding to buy a smart watch, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

• compatible with a smartphone;

• the power of the processor;

• the autonomy and charging;

• display quality (image quality and color saturation can significantly reduce the time of operation without recharging);

• interface - sensor or button (not always convenient to drive hours with little touch of buttons therefore, some manufacturers endure a portion of the keys on the frame hours);

• the design of the dial and a selection of bracelets with different texture and degree of fixation;

• the possibility of making calls and sending messages.

the Breadth of functionality depends on the cost of the device and CPU power. At the moment the price range is around 200-500 dollars, and manufacturers are constantly introducing more designs and functions.