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Review smart vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 676

Daily news from the world of mobile devices 31.01.2020 at 14:28 - News , reviews smartphones, PDA and mobile devices

, iRobot is known for producing the best smart vacuum cleaners, but the prices are sometimes bite, for example, its flagship model the Roomba s9+, the manufacturer wants more than 100 thousand rubles. Fortunately, the line of the brand features a model Roomba 676, which is much cheaper, and even though she is deprived of part of advanced functions like map room or self-cleaning, but it removes cleanly, does not get stuck, and to control the robot from smartphone.

the kit includes the cleaner, charging station, power cable and product documentation. Spare parts, as well as "virtual" wall, if need be, have to buy separately. Round case gray color made from quality plastic. Its diameter is 34 cm, height 9.2 cm, and weight 3 lbs. In the front there is a soft bumper that prevents possible damage to furniture in a collision. In the center of the top panel had three control keys with green backlight: "Spot", "Home" and "Clean". The back is a button that allows you to detach the dust collector and the front optical sensor that helps the vacuum cleaner to navigate in space.

at the Bottom there are two main wheels having a large vertical stroke for fast overcoming doorsteps and carpets, as well as a small swivel clip. Around it are the pads for the docking station. Laterally positioned rotating brush with three tassels. In the center of a main element, which retracts the garbage – turbo brush, comprising a cylindrical rubber and pile cushions. Convenient mechanism allows you to easily pull them out for cleaning. Under the turbo brush is an acoustic sensor, which measures the degree of contamination of the surface. Container for collecting dust has a volume of 600 ml, enough for weeks of daily use in odnushke. The air passing through the HEPA filter, is purified and exits through holes in the back of the cleaner. Around the perimeter of the device installed infrared sensors, thanks to which the robot is oriented in the apartment and falls from ladders. Capacity built-in battery of 1800 mAh, which is enough to clean the average two-bedroom apartment. If you are the lucky owner of a more spacious room, then, once the charge runs out, the Roomba self-powering down and continue from the same place where we left off. Roomba 676 can not build a map of the room as the older model, but it can be controlled from anywhere using a proprietary app iRobot HOME. You can use voice assistants (Assistant Google Alexa and Amazon) and to enable the cleaning schedule, which, in my opinion, is one of the most useful as it allows you to always return to the tidy apartment without downloading ears the noise of the vacuum cleaner. Through the app you can determine the location stuck the device in the audio signal.

the Robot can be controlled and classic push-button: just press the "Clean" and wait until the floorings in the apartment will not be clean. Once the task is done the cleaner will automatically return to base. If for any reason this has not happened, then the return command will trigger the key "Home". If you have something you spilled, you won't have to run a full cycle: it is enough to put the robot to the center of the resulting pollution and click on the "Spot" device spiral motion will clear the area in 1 sq. m. Branded navigation system iAdapt Navigation using IR sensors to scan the room, fixing the location of obstacles. During cleaning robot knows which areas have already been harvested and if the acoustic sensor detects that a place is very dirty, the Roomba will do it for a few passes. Special feature "antipatica" to prevent the winding on of the wire brush, fringe and scattered socks. When the cleaner understands that cleaning goes according to plan, then begins to self-extricate himself from the trap.

Roomba has a three-tiered system of cleaning. Side brush rake the dirt from the corners and directs it to the turbo brush. Varsani roller removes dirt from carpets and transportorul all the trash in the suction area, and a rubber cushion sends it inside the vacuum cleaner. In addition, high suction power (33 watts) tighten both small and large debris in the dust bag. In this case, the generated noise level is 55 dB though not too pleasant, but bearable.

676 Roomba do a good job with cleaning virtually any floor coverings: carpet, linoleum, laminate or tile. Vacuum cleans carpets with a pile height of no more than 2.5 cm, but requires a few podkhodov for effective removal of stubborn dust. Like almost every other robot cleaner, Roomba "loves to ride" on small rugs throughout the apartment. On furniture he's not beating: the sensors in advance, instructing the cleaner to slow down, and he only slightly touches the obstacle with its bumper. Unfortunately, due to the location of the suction holes in the rear of the case, the cleaner can cause problems with garbage collection along the walls and in the corners. Removes the robot impressively: half an hour of work, he will only cope with 15 sq. m.

From the owner, the cleaner will require simple maintenance: remove debris as you fill, rinse the container and shake the dust out of the filter. Once a month you will need to wipe the body. Instructions required every six months to replace the side brush, and once a year to change the elements of the turbo brush.

let's Summarize. Roomba 676 is much smaller (16 500 rubles) than the older model, but here are the most useful properties: good cleaning efficiency, advanced navigation system, the ability to work on a schedule, the system anticipatively and the consistently high quality of manufacture and Assembly. If you've watched iRobot products, but did not dare to pay 100 000 rubles for the purchase, the purchase Roomba 676 will be the best choice.