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Banana cake (Banana bread) 30.01.2020 at 11:34

Culinary blog of Anna Mishchenko

Recently I came to visit a friend of his student years. Spun on the job, I was horrified to realize that my refrigerator is nothing that could brighten up our evening. Arsenal had 3 bananas and a little walnuts. Had wool cookbook. And then I came across a favorite, but forgotten, recipe cupcakes, on the basis of mashed banana (“Banana bread“).

I ran to the kitchen and after 40 minutes cooled off a fragrant banana cake. Summing up: a delightful aroma, the time, simple ingredients and easy preparation. It turned out so delicious that we forgot about PP, I ate it all to the last crumb.

When you are trying simple at first glance, the dish of Haute cuisine, you feel like open the greatness of the chef. MILES YOUNG chef of the Strasbourg restaurant "Au Crocodile"

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