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Twenty sarcophagi of the priests and dignitaries found in Egypt

Full tape of POLIT.RU 03.02.2020 at 09:00

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Ministry of tourism and antiquities of Egypt announced the first major archaeological discovery 2020. Archaeologists working in al-Gharafa, in the Egyptian region of Minya, found the group burial of the priests of the God Thoth, their family members and nobles of the fifteenth nome of Upper Egypt.

the Burials belong to the so-called Late period (664-399 BC). Just archaeologists found 16 tombs, which contain 20 sarcophagi made of limestone or wood. The inscription on one of the stone sarcophagi dedicated to the God of writing and wisdom Thoth. During previous excavations in this place archaeologists have found numerous mummified ibises and baboons, the sacred animals of Thoth, so it is assumed that the burial was intended for the priests of this God.

stone sarcophagi, two are still sealed and are in excellent condition. One belongs to the son of Psamtik, the Keeper of the Royal Treasury, and the priest of Osiris and nut. The owner of the second name was EPI, a sarcophagus dedicated to the Mountain and decorated with the image of the goddess nut. One of the remarkable sarcophagus left on it inscriptions. According to them, in the sarcophagus was buried very senior official — "the king's Treasurer, the bearer of the seals of Lower Egypt sole companion of the king."

the Figures ushebti. Photo: Mohamed el-Shahed/AFP

When excavations were also found canopy (banks of limestone or alabaster for storage of the organs, extracted during mummification), lots of pottery, about ten thousand of faience figures of ushabti images of workers who had to serve the dead in the afterlife, and about seven hundred amulets. Most amulets made in the form of sacred scarabs, but there are a few varieties — for example, the winged Cobra of pure gold. The unexpected discovery of steel items left by workers who built the tomb: the stone cutting tools, wooden mallets, and baskets from palm leaves.