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"Magnet" has stopped importing fruits and vegetables from China

Full tape of POLIT.RU 03.02.2020 at 11:30

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Network of shops "Magnet" has suspended deliveries of fruits and vegetables from China because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus and complexity of logistics. Found out about it RIA Novosti source in the company.

In 2019 for tomatoes, peppers, tangerines, grapes and pomelo from China accounted for 3% of the turnover of "Magnet". In 2020, the company began to import these goods is China from Morocco, Israel and Turkey, and increased its share of the Russian vegetable in stock.

By the morning of 3 February in China, the number of cases of pneumonia caused by a virus 2019-nCoV, has risen to 17205 people, the number of deaths has reached 361.

outside of China has confirmed 149 cases of coronavirus.

In Japan recorded 20 cases of the disease in Thailand — 19, Singapore 18, South Korea — 15, Australia 12, Germany — 10, US — 9, Malaysia — 8, Vietnam — 7, France — 6, UAE — 5, Canada 4, Russia, great Britain, India, Italy, two cases of infection. In the Philippines, two people got sick, one of them died, what was the first deadly case outside of China. In Spain, Cambodia, Nepal, Finland, Sweden and Sri Lanka recorded one sick with pneumonia.

on January 31 the doctors confirmed the first two cases of the novel coronavirus in Russia.

the Chinese authorities have detected a flare caused by a coronavirus 2019-nCoV pneumonia in late December, 2019 in the major city of Wuhan. That the new type of coronavirus began to spread between people, the doctors reported on 20 January 2020.