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Coronavirus: what is known on February 3

Full tape of POLIT.RU 03.02.2020 at 11:40

Full tape POLIT.RU

Coronavirus got their name from the spines on the shell, resembling a crown. Apparently, as he was nicknamed, not only because of the appearance: a new virus, like a true dictator, decided to conquer the world.

At the moment in China revealed 17205 person infected with coronavirus. Died 361 people. Outside of China has confirmed 149 cases.

the who declared an international emergency mode. A cure for the virus will be not before next year.

In China since the end of January breaking records for downloads game Plague Inc. (published in 2012) — it is necessary to control the development and spread of the deadly disease, to create a global pandemic to wipe out humanity.

"" has gathered the most important thing about the coronavirus to 3 February 2020.

the Image of the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV / Centre for control and prevention of diseases of the United States Who might get sick Wuhan coronavirus? Coronavirus — a group of viruses. They can be infected not only people but many animals. Already known coronaviruses threaten human life, and the period of the disease is relatively harmless.

a New type of coronavirus, which appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of December 2019, is different: he attacks the upper respiratory tract, can cause inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia) and lead to death. Ill definitely need to seek help from doctors.

Sanitary control at the airport "Vnukovo" / AGN "Moscow" / photo: Alexander Avilov Although the Wuhan coronavirus found out at the end of December, an official announcement that it is transmitted from person to person appeared only on January 20.

to Get a new type can do everything, so how is it the easiest way — airborne. Enough to be near an infected person at a distance of two to three meters, but it doesn't even have to contact.

Especially, the virus settles in the human body with a weakened immune system. In accordance with the provisional recommendations of the Ministry of health about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus infection, least of all to the new disease of susceptible children and young people.

Also 2019-nCoV is not able to survive in the air outside the body. Therefore, you can safely pick up packages from AliExpress. If from thing to person, the virus is not transmitted, the trade between people — easy: Jan 30 Chinese sellers have started asking buyers to cancel orders. They are obliged to return the advance payment.

How can I understand that he had a new type of coronavirus? The main symptoms resemble SARS — fever, dry cough and General weakness. In rare cases, shortness of breath and respiratory failure.

it also Happens that the virus does not manifest itself practically, but a man can still infect others.

Sanitary control at the airport "Vnukovo" / AGN "Moscow" / photo: Alexander Avilov Rospotrebnadzor recommends: if you have visited in the last two weeks China has been in contact with someone who traveled to the DPRK and feel signs of a cold — treat the symptoms as carefully. That is, consult a doctor.

For prevention should maintain clean hands (buy hand sanitizer and carry it with you), do not RUB your eyes, mouth and nose. Regularly clean gadgets, computer keyboard and panel equipment for General use. Reduce the greeting by the hand and kisses on the cheek.

Appeared a lot of advertising of drugs for prevention the new coronavirus. Does it make sense to buy them? The speed of propagation of the virus and the growing number of his victims led to panic. Pharmaceutical companies took advantage of this. In particular, in networks and on radio stations "On seven hills", "Europe", "Avtoradio" appeared is the antiviral drug "Arbidol" and "Ingavirin" as funds from the new coronavirus. However, the effectiveness of these drugs in the treatment of viral diseases is not proven . Moreover, manufacturers are unable to register them as medicines nor in Europe nor in the United States.

the Production of pharmaceuticals / the Representatives of "Arbidol" and "Ingavirin" refused to comment on the situation. At the same time is a miraculous means became interested in the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), which has promised to arrange a test.

it Turns out, there's no cure for coronavirus Wuhan? Now there isn't. Researchers and physicians yet know too little about the real effect of the virus and its features. Although progress in research is still there — 29 January, scientists from the Institute of infectious diseases and immunology in Melbourne (Australia) managed to create a copy of the new coronavirus. The model will help to develop an effective cure, but to treat people from the coronavirus in any case will begin soon.

According to The Guardian, the first version of the vaccine has already arrived in the laboratory of the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. But for research, approval and mass distribution of drugs from a new type of coronavirus need for almost a year. Clinical trials can go this summer, but this schedule referred to as "ambitious".

On the development of vaccines have also started to work at the American National Institute of health (NIH) and the Russian State research center of Virology and biotechnology "Vector". According to the newspaper South China Morning Post, Chinese researchers have already developed a vaccine.

the Production of drugs / AGN "Moscow" / photo: Alexander Avilov But all these optimistic forecasts rested in months of testing and additional research. Start of mass use of safe and effective drug will not before next year.

the search for drugs to protect against the new virus also joined the Ministry of health. In the provisional recommendations of the office of 30 January there is a list of drugs suitable for the prevention of Wuhan coronavirus. Among them, Ribavirin (used to treat hepatitis C) , Lopinavir/Ritonavir (treatment of HIV) and Recombinant interferon beta-1b (reduces exacerbation in patients with multiple sclerosis) . But the real help these drugs still remains in question. Another reason not to buy medications − bad side effects. For example, anemia.

in Addition, the Ministry of health began to develop a rapid test that will allow for the day to accurately identify a person with the coronavirus. To do this, doctors will measure the temperature, take a swab from the nose and throat.

have Greatly accelerated the development of the test genome 2019-nCoV, which on 29 January, Chinese scientists gave the Russian. All the work on the rapid test will complete in February. Although on January 22, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova argued that the tests for the diagnosis of the virus are already in use and give good results.

Where now there are cases of infection with the novel coronavirus? In China their most — 17205 people. 24 Jan doctors have cured the ailing one patient — a 56-year resident of Shanghai. This is the first time getting rid of the virus.

On 3 January in Japan's recorded 20 cases of the disease in Thailand — 19, Singapore 18, South Korea — 15, Australia 12, Germany — 10, US — 9, Malaysia — 8, Vietnam — 7, France — 6, UAE — 5, Canada 4, Russia, great Britain, India, Italy, two cases of infection. In the Philippines, two people got sick, one of them died , what was the first deadly case outside of China. In Spain, Cambodia, Nepal, Finland, Sweden and Sri Lanka recorded one sick with pneumonia.

In Belarus, Scotland and the UK will also look for people with suspected coronavirus. Now these countries have no cases.

Sanitary control at the airport "Vnukovo" / AGN "Moscow" / photo: Alexander Avilov 31 January, the Ministry of health confirmed two cases of infection with coronavirus in Russia. Both patients are Chinese citizens, they are in Zabaykalsky Krai and Tyumen region.

In Italy, the coronavirus was found in the two Chinese tourists in Rome. For travelers from Wuhan in the country immediately introduced a state of emergency and has allocated €5 million for prevention.

Also on January 31, the world health organization (who) declared an international state of emergency: this means that all countries, foundations and other organizations should mobilize and focus on combating the virus.

the Charitable Foundation of bill and Melinda gates (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) has already allocated $10 million: half of that amount will give public and private organizations in China that find infected people, care for them, create the conditions to isolate and work on a vaccine. The remaining $5 million will be sent to the African centres of control and prevention of diseases. The money will also go to "technical support" for the search and treatment of suspected cases.

Not left behind and South Korea.

On 30 January, the authorities gave China $5 million to combat the novel coronavirus. Also for the city of Chongqing (adjacent to the city of Wuhan) has allocated $300 thousand In the near future, Seoul will give China, 2 million masks, 100 thousand protective suits and glasses. The Charter flight, which will bring all of the things will be picked up from Wuhan and its surroundings 360 South Korean citizens.

In Thailand has created a special project on medical training of prisoners. They will help physicians to care for the prisoners, if they get sick Wuhan coronavirus. The program will involve 50 people. They will collect from prison all over the country, and then sent to prison in Bangkok. There, they will be the special eight-day course. After their return to their places of detention. This measure will be introduced due to overcrowding in Thai prisons, where there are more than 380 thousand prisoners.

in Addition, because of the coronavirus will suspend two major companies — Starbucks and Apple. Starbucks temporarily closed 2.1 thousand coffee shops on 29 January, Apple announced the closure of all their stores for an indefinite period on 1 February. It is not known what the losses incurred by the company due to a virus.

the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV through the microscope / University of Hong Kong Wuhan coronavirus has affected McDonald's: the fast food chain canceled the action with the burgers for 3 rubles (price 1990) because of the risk of infection.

the Infection hit and the sport. World Championships in athletics in Nanjing was moved to March 2021. In jeopardy were the race "Formula 1".

That was made in China to combat a new virus? Completely stopped the movement: the Chinese government tries to minimize the spread of the virus. In the city of Wuhan stopped the traffic. Residents were forbidden to enter or leave the city. Also closed a major Huanggang city. With the city of Ezhou, which is located in the same province, interrupted rail service. Just at the moment in China, closed more than a dozen cities.

Stopped the flights Chinese carriers announced temporary suspension of flights between Moscow and Wuhan. Also closed the local airport "Tianhe".

However, some Chinese citizens still trying to flee the country. January 23, a resident of the city of Wuhan Yao took antipyretic and managed to fool a thermal imaging camera at the airport. Thus she was able to fly to Paris.

my decision, the lady said in WeChat. In his publication Yao said that before leaving she had a fever and started coughing, so she took a pill and it worked. The statement of the woman drew the attention of other users and sent the publication to the Chinese authorities. They urged her to come back.

have Built a special center: January 24th in Wuhan began to build a temporary hospital area of 25 thousand square meters for patients with coronavirus. Work is scheduled to finish in early February.

Wuhan is following with a stay at Beijing's #SARS treatment model, building a special hospital for admitting patients infected in the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus

— China Xinhua News (@XHNews) January 24, 2020 Abolished the practice because of the coronavirus, the head of civil administration of Beijing Li Vagnsson temporarily banned marriages and conduct the ceremony at the funeral that are specifically planned for 2 February 2020. The combination of these numbers in the Chinese language is consonant with the phrase "I love you, I love you."

Buddhist temple / "Now in Beijing 12 the funeral home, they stopped to hold a farewell ceremony. Because, according to appointment, at every farewell ceremony gathered several dozen people, as more than a hundred people, such large-scale meetings do not contribute to the outbreak of the virus," he said.

Began to punish dissenters: on January 30, the public security Department of Hubei province said about criminal liability for those who avoid treatment in any way harm the medical staff, and intentionally spreading the virus. Cases must not refuse inspection, treatment, quarantine, as they "pose a threat to public safety."

the Chinese authorities have forbidden to create a separate private chambers and restricted rituals in hospitals: for example, Chinese is now impossible to burn ritual money — making offerings to spirits.

How now in Russia oppose the spread of Wuhan coronavirus? Secure the border: on January 22 Rospotrebnador strengthened sanitary-quarantine control along the entire border of Russia. All people check imager and doing special tests.

to reduce the chance of infection, the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin closed the border in the far East. From January 31 to indefinitely close the 16 checkpoints on the border with China.

In Tatarstan organized a permanent headquarters for the prevention of introduction and spread of new infections.

Limited rail and air transportation: January 29, the airline "Ural airlines" has suspended direct winter flights where there are a large number of organized tourist groups from China: Ekaterinburg — Paris, Yekaterinburg — Munich, Yekaterinburg — Rome.

Sanitary control at the airport "Vnukovo" / AGN "Moscow" / photo: Alexander Avilov Informed the airline announced the suspension of flights from Yekaterinburg and Tyumen on the Chinese island of Hainan. Also on 7 February suspended the service to the cities of XI'an and Ordos from Yekaterinburg.

Passengers who have already bought tickets to Europe the airline offers alternatives with connections in Prague and Moscow.

Also until February 16, has cancelled all Charter flights from Khabarovsk to China.

because of the limitations of the airlines losses could reach up to $100 million.

Since January 31, has suspended railway links between China and Russia (except the train Moscow — Beijing and Beijing — Moscow). All employees of the Railways have provided medical masks, protective gloves and antiseptics. The stations are regularly disinfected. Passengers of long-distance trains that took them to China until March 27, you can return them without extra fees.

Limited contacts with China: January 30 Chinese citizens will suspend the issuance of electronic visas. In addition to Russia, to such an extent addressed the Kazakh authorities, the Philippines and part of Malaysia.

Russian universities recommended to prolong the vacation until 1 March for Chinese students.

Turned to God: as alternative methods of protection against new virus on 28 January at the Church of St. Nicholas in Moscow has passed moleben about rescue of the epidemic.