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Former Ural national guardsman apologized "in front of the entire Chechen people" for his words about Russians and Caucasians

Full tape of POLIT.RU 03.02.2020 at 11:56

Full tape POLIT.RU

Ural a Former national guardsman and current YouTube-blogger Dmitry Kuprin apologized "in front of the whole Chechen people." Previously live, he said: "whatever Putin and Kadyrov have spoken, Russian was never afraid of Caucasians. We are Russian, you Caucasians are always on **** spit". Video apology posted on YouTube-channel "Zelimkhan".

the Movie begins with a conversation Kuprin Zelimkhan, who invites him to arrange a meeting with the Chechens in Yekaterinburg. Kuprin agrees. Later in the video added a "small piece" live Kuprin, where he offends Caucasians.

After the video shows, as Kuprin drinking tea with an unnamed man. He tells him that he does not feel hatred for the people of Chechnya and apologizes.

"It's impossible to hate all the people, no matter what . What was said to fit my emotional burst in the air — I could not do video I did not put and not spread as I said it during the live broadcast, responded to the words of people who, after half a year already of my trip to Chechnya, I was trying to offend and hurt, and other nasty things in my address to say. Yes, of course, I behaved ugly and it doesn't excuse my words, that my hatred and anger towards these people, swung to the Chechen people. For that, I apologize to the entire Chechen people", — said Kuprin and added that it "did not control every word" because he was drunk.

After the author of the channel Zelimkhan reports that "the Internet is not permissiveness," and even in a democracy it is impossible to insult and hurt the feelings "of believers, nationalities", "the more drunk".

Kuprin was fired from the national guard in January 2019. Then on his blog has already been signed by 1.3 million people.

In a press-service of the Ural district troops of the national guard initially reported that Kuprin was dismissed because of political speech in the blog (article 27.1 of the Federal law "On status of servicemen" prohibits public statements, judgments and estimates of state bodies). After the National guard changed the cause to "non-contract terms".