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In St. Petersburg a member of the party "United Russia" wrote on the independent MP's statement about the theft of napkins and spoons

Full tape of POLIT.RU 03.02.2020 at 12:45

Full tape POLIT.RU

In St. Petersburg, the head of the municipal district meeting Ligovka-Yamskaya Vadim Voitanovskii from the "United Russia" has accused the opposition of municipal Deputy Alexander Izotov the loss of coffee, ten napkins and spoons, according to "MBH media" with a link to Izotov.

Wojtanowski complained to the police last week. In his opinion, in 2019 Izotov specially took citizens in the evening, as "they wanted to infiltrate the offices of members of the local administration and to capture important documents." Wojtanowski said that then lost 20 books, 10 napkins, two cans of coffee and one spoon.

Izotov says that the accusation "false" and promises apply to defamation. According to him, Wojtanowski on purpose discredits him, as it does not work in the interests of "United Russia".

"I did receive citizens every Tuesday from seven to eight in the evening, that people were comfortable coming. United Russia is called "endless reception," though at each appointment I was told that is happening in the municipality. Mean that out of 80 million from the budget, half is spent on the municipality. If this continues, we will never have normal playgrounds," said Izotov and added that Wojtanowski against the discussion of such topics.