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Major events in quick lotteries from 20 to 26 Jan

Gosloto. Lottery news. 31.01.2020 at 07:50

News Russian lottery lotteries and the world lottery news.

This week all fans of fast lottery a great celebration of cyber Monday! Tickets "Rapido 2.0", "12/24", "Top 3", "Duel" and "Joker" are from 20 rubles. The campaign will last until 2 February, hurry up to buy more tickets!

And now for the statistics of the last week. Go!


Statistics. Took the 630 runs. Participants bought 420 884 of the ticket and noted 539 554 combination.

the most Important thing. The super prize was drawn three times.

on January 22 174361-m draw the lucky resident of Vladikavkaz. He bought a ticket in a retail outlet ticket for 10 runs with a double multiplier for 3000 rubles. The party won the super prize: 2 543 498 rubles.

on the same day in 174366-m draw the luck was with the party from St. Petersburg. He bought a ticket in a retail outlet for 150 rubles and won the guaranteed jackpot of 200,000 rubles.

And January 25 in 174638-th edition of the super prize was won by the residents of Perm. He bought a ticket for 150 rubles became the owner of 1 800 504 rubles.

Total. 98 317 people won. Together, they won 54 388 498 rubles. Try to win you!

"Rapido 2.0"

Statistics. Held by 546 runs. Participated in 364 733 ticket was marked 479 468 combinations.

the most Important thing. In "Rapido 2.0" the same high chance to win the Grand prize, as in "Rapido". It is more than 600 thousand rubles. Play now!

Total. 87 726 participants won. Winnings totaled 12 811 680 rubles.


Statistics. Held 595 runs. The participants bought 564 947 tickets and chose 613 377 combinations.

the most Important thing. The super prize of the lottery is more than 300 thousand rubles. To win it, guess 12 or 0 numbers. Go for it!

Total. Just a "12/24" won 135 of 310 people. Winnings — 15 429 000 rubles.

the Duel

Statistics. Held 603 circulation. Participants acquired 113 932 of the ticket and noted 138 031 combination.

the most Important thing. Want to win a super prize of the "Duel"? You need to guess two numbers in the first field, and two in the second. By the way, the chance to become the owner of the main prize in this lottery are higher than in others. Forward!

Total. 39 232 party won. The total winnings amounted to 1 488 930 rubles.

"Top 3"

Statistics. Hosted 615 runs. Participants bought 184 430 tickets and chose 238 374 combinations.

the most Important thing. 78 people won to 30 000 and 23 000 20. In the "Top 3" there are eight different ways of playing. Win different!

Total. Just won 2324 participant. Wins in total 6 462 500 rubles.


Statistics. Took 672 circulation. Participants 134 973 bought a ticket and chose 159 391 combination.

the most Important thing. 24 Jan party from Tomsk bought the ticket for 50 rubles in the mobile app. His winnings amounted to 50 000 rubles. Try the same!

Total. Lucky 38 083 participants. Total win — 3 673 700 rubles.

last week won the 400 992 party quick lotteries. The sum of their winnings amounted to more than 94 million rubles. And now — cyber Monday! Play more, while prices below!

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