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Movie review: "Valhalla: Ragnarok" Reviews 31.01.2020 at 18:37

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Kids Vikings Rescue and Thialfi travel from Midgard to Valhalla, the celestial Palace, accompanying the famous gods Thor and Loki.

the Main characters of a fantasy Nordic Director Fenar Ahmad "Valhalla: Ragnarok" are not the ancient gods of Asgard, as it follows from the title, and the children from a family of Viking Rescue and Thialfi. Brother and sister are forced to leave their native land of Midgard and go to the halls of Valhalla to servitude law, and his brother Loki. However, the young Vikings are not ready to accept prepared for them by fate and the gods decide to leave Asgard with the giant Kverk. Meanwhile, the measured life of the divine elite is threatened, broke free wolf Fenfir and the eternal enemies of the gods, the giants, the Jotuns. Now the main hero has many challenges and unexpected discoveries.

the Author of the picture was made by the Director with Iraqi roots Fenar Ahmad. The Director has already won the hearts of the Danes with his debut work "Flow", and his second project "the Underworld", a dramatic conflict in which the intensity is compared to the level of the ancient tragedy, and all were included in the shortlist for Danish applicants for the award "Oscar" in the nomination "Best international film". A new project for the author was an adaptation of the comic books by Peter Madsen. As recognized by the Director, the childhood story about the deaths of children, fighting shoulder to shoulder with the ancient gods, made an indelible impression on him. Since today, the Director was able to achieve considerable success in the cinema, the film adaptation of the beloved comic book for Ahmad became a matter of time.

"Valhalla: Ragnarok" — not the typical picture of the Scandinavian legends. The modern viewer, the satiated marvel interpretation about the mighty Thor, ambiguously can respond to the work of Ahmad. The picture is completely devoid of any hint of superheroic. The authors of the film, even the gods represent to the viewer external image is more approximate to mere mortals. The actors in the film are selected so that they do maximum to subtly play on the contrast between gods and humans. Compelling images created by a film crew, are undoubtedly one of the main advantages of the picture.

the Original comics, Peter Madsen has a humorous charm, however, in the film Ahmad of humor is not gone. "Utopia" is made in a more serious and dark tone. The Director tries to pay more attention to the development of the relationship between the characters, and the amazing way the Director turns out not to overload the movie cruelty and unnecessary details. "Valhalla" Ahmad gives you the opportunity to enjoy the story for both adults and children.

In Denmark, the film, Ahmad is considered one of the most ambitious projects of the Scandinavian, which was highly appreciated by critics and audience. However, this is not surprising: in contrast to the domestic audience on the comics based on the mythology of the "Elder Edda", grew more than one generation of Danish adolescents. Today, "Valhalla" brought Ahmad Fenar to potential Hollywood offerings, making it one of the most talked about cinematic talents of Denmark.

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