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How to work on SEO FAST?

Serega's blog Goncharova 29.01.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Today we consider books which has been operating for 7 years. The site regularly pays. If desired, it can earn 200 — 400 rubles per day.

Well, go.

the First thing to do is to register.

it is very simple. At the bottom of the post is a link to a website, go and click the "Register"button

throws You on the registration form. Fill in all you require. Not so much.

After I filled it out and clicked "Register". If nothing was highlighted in red. Go directly to mail, there you will find a letter. Strange, but no warning lights, type "You have successfully registered, confirm your E-mail". Nothing, just go to the post office and look for a letter there, and in the spam view.

Also, in the mail letter will be your username and password to access your account. Confirmed and enter by means of them to your profile.

When you log into your account, you will change the password. I recommend to write it down somewhere. For example I write in the notebook on the computer. Have it all, easily and quickly opens, does not load the memory.

Next, go to "My profile" and fill in everything that is possible. The score for this is not given, but open to most jobs.

Well, now we can start to work. On the project a lot of surfing, emails and tasks. With regard to the tasks. Immediately upon clicking on them, hanging notice.

the administration is Also not recommends us in signing petitions on Facebook, enter your personal data.

All other threats. The administration of the project blocks themselves.

the more you perform actions on the website, the better your rating.

what is it you need?

Rating needed to improve the status on the project. The higher the status, the higher the earnings. Just below comparison table statuses.

How to earn a rating?

Visits per day +0.3 points Per Surf / Visit +0.1 points Per one Surf Captcha / Transitions — +0.4 points For viewing YouTube — +0.2 points Per subscription YouTube — +0.5 points For like YouTube +0.1 points For membership in the group Vkontakte — +0.5 points For a like Vkontakte — +0.1 points For repost Vkontakte — +0.4 points For watching the teaser — +0.1 points For the test — +0.5 points For each scan of the letter +0.3 points For one paid job — +0.5 points


1) calculation of score is not possible for multiple tasks a runtime of 1 hour and less and cost less than 1 ruble

2) calculation of rating points is not possible when running more than 5 works by one author

New referral

— only after the referral will receive a status worker

— +0.3 points Percentage of payment — +5% points the Percentage of payment of your referral +3% points No user activity in the project over a week — 10 oktas of violation of the rules of the project — points for the decision of the administration Ban on the forums — 20 points Failure jobs — -1 points Blocking access to jobs — 30 points Blocking access to the user's job — -10 points

As can be seen from the tables, the main income comes from referrals. So go to "my account" — "Affiliate program" take the link and start to advertise it.

Upon receipt of the status "worker" to buy referrals on the exchange.

Also attract the free referrals you can, by placing yourself on the referral wall for 50 rubles.

Either by placing your avatar on the honor roll. To describe how to get there, I will not. Just click on the button "add me here"

Well, that's all. Write a comment if this article was useful for you.

As always, the link to the project.

Before the meeting and good luck with earnings!

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