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Overview of course to make money on the Internet "helping Hand" 7000 in 24 hours. Scam.

Serega's blog Goncharova 31.01.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Today consider one more sold the course to make money on the Internet. It is a pity that this time, the course is not only not working. He is also at a loss leaving. Or rather earns for this course only. Well, we'll see how he does it and why the course is not working.

just want to warn you. The review is not selling the site and itself purchased the course. Accordingly, the course is not working. So I can reveal to you the whole scheme of earnings.

the course I can't lay out and spread for reasons of copyright.

here we go.

the simple Scheme of earnings. The author offers to earn CPA affiliate programs type affiliate link. To take from there affiliate links to games and give the job to the journal boxes so they are checked in.

it's simple. The author promises that you have found the treasured button "Loot" and ready you'll share it. For the money of course. Actually if you watch the sales, the fact that the author offers us, a gold mine. A lot of good reviews, letters of thanks. That's just not uclose one. Purchased reviews never replace the real, as they were not. In the first course have already merged. Secondly, a lot of negative reviews.

Okay back to the topic. Why you can not earn in this course?

the First lie is that the first 7000 in 24 hours. Go to Admitad. And there, lo and behold the first payment only after 30 days. Please note below the image "Average payment". The minimum payment which I have found is 7 days. Well, in any event, not per day.

the Second. That offers the author of the course is not legal. That is, he offers to cheat advertisers. "Come on, who didn't?" There is not a ride. The problem is those 7 — 50 days "Average pay". During these days the advertiser checks the players have passed on the links and makes the decision to pay or not. Probably not. Who wants to pay for a blank check. It makes no sense. And then, incentivized traffic is prohibited. That is, you just block without the payment of earned.

the Third thing. Give the job to dont forget this loss. Yes, the author proposes to make a difference. Only if it's a deceptive way, and to pay for it will not be in the affiliate program. You're at a loss.

Who makes money on this course?

Yes, the author earns. As they say, has the course to the maximum.

You buy this course — 3700 rubles. At the time of writing there is a special course costs 690 rubles. You register through the referral link of the author. He receives royalties for you, as for the registration and for the actions. In any case, he will receive for you money even if you will block for incentivized traffic. He is not responsible for the actions of another person. In his course he recommends to distribute links for tasks on the journal boxes. That is forcing you to invest and receives a percentage.

I would like to say about the sales. The site is completely fake. Maybe even someone like Dmitry Alemasov does not exist. Well, maybe he is somewhere there, but sales courses is not engaged.

In its sales, the author gives no hint at what we'll be doing. It turns out we will earn or not, fraudulently.

the Reference to the author, for obvious reasons, will not leave.

I would like to say lastly. Do not get fooled by the Scam. Always look at feedback about the course website or the author. Maybe not on my website. Any other come and see. Everything bad always comes out.

But in order not to miss really high quality and useful, and most importantly free information. Throw my site to bookmarks and watch "Announcements and publications". On my website I tell about how to earn money online, make related courses. All the information presented on the website relevant and constantly updated.

that's it. Write in the comments if the article you something to help.

All the while, and remember that you are not Fuckers!

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