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How to work on Ad Core? How much can you earn?

Serega's blog Goncharova 03.02.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


today I will Talk about books. It is very simple and straightforward. It is very a lot on what you can earn. Even thought to describe it. Then how do you know about him?

Okay, here we go.

As I said this site is simple, and the registration is also very simple. Even confirm nothing. Just registered and all.

After you register, you will transfer to the news page. Well, as it all you can start earning immediately. Because no additional configuration to do. In General, immediately start earning.

Yes, we see immediately where there are jobs, and how many of them. It is very convenient. No need to wait while the page loads, then to break off and go to another. Yes you right is everywhere zero. Just click on any kind of earnings, then you will constantly see how much and what is.

the Whole binding of accounts of social networks takes place directly at the transition to jobs. They do not need to arrange and fill.

Earn and also site owners by posting ads on your site.

Also have a function as a constrictor links. For those who do not know how to work on it. You take a link, any. Well, for example, that you want to share with each other. Cut it and send it to your friend or even share with someone. People followed your link looks through ads, and you get it for the money.

the Place is also very simple. On the jobs page, click on the add job button.

Another way of earning is as always referrals. Where do without them? Account button "Promotional materials" go up there and take your Ref link, start promoting.

it is Possible to catch the button and you will be added free referrals. It costs $ 100, warranty for 1 hour. That is 1 hour you will not interrupt.

Also referrals you can buy on the exchange. look only to referral was active. Otherwise what's the point it spent.

For more gambling is a game. Called "Zombi Bomb". You can try her luck and play for money. But I do not advise.

On the project with the statuses. You can buy VIP status. And you can get it monthly for a week for free when you reach the status of "Web-master". All statuses 6, except for the two negative. Earned by completing tasks and performing actions on the project.

How much can you earn?

it All depends on your actions. You can earn from 1 ruble to 200 rubles per day, with referrals possible and more.

Well, that's all. Write in the comments if I've forgot something to tell.

a Reference to the project.

All the while, and good luck with earnings!

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