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BlackBerry closes manufacturing Android smartphones

MobiDevices – interesting magazine about technology! 03.02.2020 at 17:22

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Company TCL Communications-enabled smartphones under the BlackBerry brand, plans to stop selling gadgets in the end of this year. About the producer wrote on his Twitter page. It is reported that since August 31, 2020, will disappear from the market all the Android smartphones under the BlackBerry brand. TCL Communication will have no further rights to develop, manufacture or sell any new BlackBerry mobile devices. Existing smartphone manufacturer has promised to support until 2022.Plans to cease production of its own smartphone company BlackBerry announced back in 2016, but due to the deal signed with TCL, tried to establish the production of their gadgets. The latest smartphone company, BlackBerry Key2, came out almost two years ago, and since then, new models from the manufacturer in the mobile market and has not appeared.Over the past few years TCL has gradually created his own name, releasing machines under various brands, including BlackBerry, Alcatel and Palm. This year, the Chinese manufacturer intends to launch production of smartphones under its own name.