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Samsung announces ultra-fast memory HBM2E for graphics cards and supercomputers

MobiDevices – interesting magazine about technology! 04.02.2020 at 15:13

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Samsung Electronics has released a high speed memory of the third generation HBM2E. The module is called Flashbolt and designed for supercomputers and AI systems, and devices related to graphics processing. According to the South Korean technical giant with the memory of 16 GB boasts data transfer speeds of 3.2 Gbps and a throughput of 410 GB/s per stack. Eight 16 GB class modules 10 nm (1y), along with a buffer chip packaged HBM2E using 40000 TSV (through silicon vias), and each module has more than 5,600 micropumps. The latest DRAM will offer twice the capacity than 8 GB "Aquabolt" HBM2 second generation, but increase performance and energy efficiency. The maximum speed during testing was 4.2 GB/s or 538 GB/s per stack, and 1.75 times faster than the bandwidth Aquabolt (307 GB/s).Mass production HBM2E third generation will begin in the first half of this year. Nevertheless, the manufacturer will continue to produce and HBM2 second generation.