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Apple will release a smartphone with a flexible display without folds

MobiDevices – interesting magazine about technology! 05.02.2020 at 08:02

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More and more producers are working to create their foldable devices. Not an exception and Apple. This is confirmed by the patent, entitled "Electronic devices with flexible displays and hinges" discovered by AppleInsider. The document describes the design of the smartphone, which will get rid of one problem inherent in flexible gadgets. We are talking about the crease that is formed at the bending place of a folding device. In a new Apple patent refers to the mechanism that allows the screen to be folded in half without folding. To do this, engineers changed the shape of the bend from the side it looks like a keyhole. Inside the hinge there is a space in order to allow the display to stand up straight. In modern smartphones the screen is very tight to the body, which leads to the appearance of folds.Of course, it is important to remember that Apple registers patents at every opportunity, and only few of the described devices appear on the market.