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The NEWS THAT WE DESERVE 04.02.2020 at 10:00

Photo reports about events in the world

In 1903, an advocate of healthy lifestyle and physical culture Bernarr McFadden founded the polar bear Club in the town of Coney island. He professed the view that our body is "the most incredible gift and miracle." So he gathered a group of enthusiastic swimmers to have a swim in the Atlantic ocean. He believed that this will help improve stamina, immunity and masculinity swimmers.

At the time, critics thought McFadden charlatan. Well, a century later, a group of more than 100 swimmers every Sunday during the cold months is going on the coast to conquer frighteningly cold ocean. The culmination of this cold life holiday falls on the first of January, when swimmers celebrate the New year a massive dip.

the new York photographer Franco-Venezuelan origin Mathieu of Asselin was on Coney island one frosty day. He experimented with lighting on the ocean. By chance he had the opportunity to do a little photo shoot of the winter swimmers. In the end, Mathieu imbued with the strength of character of these people and several times again came to the coast to capture portraits. The series of photographs "Winter swimmers" most accurately reflects the nature of new York at its best: beauty, quirkiness, and a willingness to accept the challenge and strong team spirit. McFadden probably forgotten by many, but his legacy lives on in the photographs of Mathieu and the spirit of the winter swimmers, year after year, to pay tribute to "the most incredible gift and miracle."

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