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Dimitri Rullan: Dance, Dance, Dance

The NEWS THAT WE DESERVE 05.02.2020 at 06:00

Photo reports about events in the world

Dimitri Rullan — photographer from France. "I was 16 when I first decided to communicate with the world through photography, and since then it never ceases to keep me busy. The art to be able to catch the emotion in the picture makes me excited. It is a continuous search for stories and aesthetics, where creativity is limitless. I try to incorporate it in his own way".

Rollan loves to take pictures of people involved in dancing or gymnastics. The usual tendency of the photographers in this case — to convey the dynamics of the hero in the frame. Dimitri makes a timeless, frozen images of people in motion. We offer you to look at.

Source: Dimitry Roulland / flickr

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