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How to draw a giraffe

My Baby 05.02.2020 at 20:28

Internet magazine for young parents

Sometimes zasiditsya the phone for an hour or two, and then coming restless kids and ask how to draw a giraffe. To explain on fingers, how to draw a giraffe, so it was similar to giratina, not the slices with chopsticks, is simply unrealistic. It's easy to portray this long-necked animal, if the process is clearly divided into simple stages. Giraffe in stages will be very fast.

the Parents! It's time to work with his hands and head. I raised my eyes from the smartphone, take pens and pencils, fantasize, how to draw a giraffe for kids.


Before you draw a giraffe step by step, decide what we will do. Sketch (sketch) it is easiest to do with a pencil. He's erased, if something goes wrong.

a good Guidance of the pencil outline you can hold the black pen, liner, marker. If we use waterproof markers or pens, you can add color to the watercolor drawing. Otherwise, it is better to decorate the figure to the contour guidance. This means that before you draw a giraffe with a marker, we color in the pencil outline with paint. Only then carry out the drawing details in black contour lines.

the drawing Process.

Here's how to draw a giraffe with a pencil step by step:

1. The face will have the oval. Draw it where will be located the head.

2. Now, determine the top of the head. This is another oval.

3. Erase the unnecessary lines on the face.

4. Pririsovyvat large protruding ears.

5. Without horns, and of the mound on the head, we get a real giraffe calf. So let's draw two horns with rounded. The child will be interesting, that these horns are called ossicini, giraffes and what they are used for fighting, when they grow up.

6. Now denote large dark eyes. Be sure they draw glare-circles. Otherwise the eyes will look alive.

7. The time has come to draw the characteristic long neck.

8. Now we do, or rather draw giraffino spots on the head.

9. And now let's draw the nostrils and the line cute face of our giratina.

10. To complete the picture, will doricum spots on the neck. Now we know how to draw a giraffe with a pencil.

11. Decorate our milashev. Going to use red, dark brown and light brown tones.

12. Our drawing of a giraffe turned out nice, unusual and very understandable.

the Child will remember how to draw a giraffe, then I will repeat it self again and again. Importantly, of course, not on the Wallpaper.

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