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Haval H9 "lie in the dirt": to check the patency for our roads

MComp 08.02.2020 at 13:50

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Can the car pass the depth 700 mm?

Dirt roads, mud and sand are no problem for Haval H9. He has excellent driving performance both in city and off-road. Race on the steep hill was given this car with ease. Small shaking is present, but for those roads it is permissible. Reduced it calmly, without any strong smoothly moves upward. The height clearance is enough to not cling on every bump.

it is the auto hold system, which does not fall back and you can easily continue uphill. The approach angle is 28 gr. and the Congress — 23 gr. The ground clearance is 206 mm. These options enable you effortlessly overcome various obstacles. The car is able to drive Brody to 700 mm in depth. Bottom assemblies protected by metal and plastic covers. Before less profound obstacles you don't even have to slow down. You can safely rely on the help system and not reusable special modes of transmission. Haval H9 will handle it almost everywhere.

Excellent noise isolation and build quality of the car makes itself felt. When driving on the road of stone was no discomfort and unpleasant loud sounds. At idle the engine noise is more, but the speed of acoustic comfort happy.

Engine capacity 2l petrol with a capacity of 245 HP and diesel — 190 HP Both work with a German 8-speed automatic transmission. The average fuel consumption of diesel is equal to 10,4 L. Therefore, most motorists are choosing it, so less likely to go to the gas station.

How to write motorists about the shortcomings of this car: "light bulb burns out the backlight threshold. Trim 5 door rubs paint", "ink-Jet windshield washer nozzles is a natural joint for this car, you need a fan".

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