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Tile for apron: features the choice of material for the modern kitchen

IGeek — news of high technologies 03.02.2020 at 14:21

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So, your repair is already nearing completion: done floor, glued Wallpaper, paid furniture... the Case for small – need a tile for the "apron." As a rule, it is chosen almost at the finish line, when there is the possibility of selection on the color scheme and overall style to other leading kitchen elements (furniture, floor coverings and walls, curtains, etc)

Four reasons to cover the splash back tiles

Despite the small area allotted for the tile in the kitchen, it plays an important role. The reasons for this are several:

1. Tiles above the working area and cooking hobs is the first thing that catches the eye when entering the room.

2. It is on the color and texture of tile can make a good accent. For example, the entire kitchen is decorated in soothing colours, and curtains and "apron" in more colorful. Alternatively, it is possible to do the opposite, all the same color balance will be observed.

3. The time spent on cleaning. It is no secret that sections of the wall near the stove, kitchen table and sinks faster than other dirt, so the tile veneer is significantly more practical than any other.

4. The kitchen will last as long as possible. Judge for yourself: ceramic tile is not afraid of water or high temperatures. It will not frighten even corrosive chemical substances, which are periodically cleaned kitchen surfaces. But about regular Wallpaper or a tree the same cannot be said.

All roads lead to "Keramtreyd"

Looking for where to buy tile for "apron" in Krasnodar? Without a doubt, it is better to contact a reliable and trusted store. There is no point go for miles across the city to eventually get back to where you are quickly and efficiently serviced. Online shop "Keramtreyd" is famous for the fact that only sells safe products.

this is important to think about when you need a tile for the kitchen – the place where the whole family prepares and consumes food. We offer our clients environmental friendly, Allergy-free tile that will last for many years with absolutely no harm to your health.

From the color to texture: what differentiates ceramic tile?

When it is decided what to put in the "apron" area will be tile, it remains to determine small nuances, such as color, surface type, form of this material. The choice is really so great that it is not superfluous will consult with the designer or a professional Advisor of our company. You can pick a warmer or Vice versa cool shade of the tile will tell you what features of the care of smooth and corrugated surfaces, give advice about fashion in the current season of textures. Yes, the tile is also is fashion, and it is inevitable! So, if you want to impress guests with the most modern dwelling, it is better to be informed about fashion novelties.

More information about ceramic tile in Krasnodar

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