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Determination of potential trend - USDJPY. Possible improvement areas 110.40-110.55.

FreshForex news RSS 07.02.2020 at 07:02

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Daily chart: we still have momentum in the direction of the upper Bollinger band (zone 110.25-110.55). The resistance here is very strong, therefore, at the time of publication NFP today, it is possible to turn down.

H4: note locally the trend potential for further growth of quotations in the direction 110.40 (upper Bollinger band). At the same time, as on the daily chart, there is a gradual reversal of the ADX down, which also speaks in favor of a possible downward reversal from the strong level.

H1: it is possible that the news background, the pair will be expected, while in sideways 109.81-110.02 (envelopes Bollinger).

Conclusions: so, we are expecting growth in the area of 110.40-110.55 and then turn down to 110.00.

Trade solutions:

1. Purchase to 110.40-110.55.

2. To search for possible signals to the sales in the area 110.40-110.55.

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