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Installation of DVR in the car with additional power supply USB or MicroUSB

Alarm Obninsk 03.02.2020 at 15:58

If You are a vehicle enthusiast and spend most of their time behind the wheel of a car, You probably use in your car different gadgets. This can include video recorders, mirrors, GPS navigation devices and other gadgets. They greatly simplify the process of travel, make it more comfortable and safe

For those who have decided to buy for your car of one of the above devices, such as DVR, will be the actual question as it is better to connect. The standard option would be connecting through the cigarette lighter. But if the car is in addition to the DVR there are other gadgets that also require timely connection to the power supply.

Many wires complicate such a task as installing the DVR in the car. A solution to this problem is to use a Micro USB adapter or the Mini USB adapter to connect video recorders, mirrors, GPS navigation devices and other gadgets.

This power supply will allow for the installation of the DVR so that it will be hidden from the eye. Standard Usb connector allows you to connect registrars of any modern type. Now You will not interfere with trip wires and connection cables. The signal and call quality of the device operation will be at the highest level. If You want to perform silent installation of the DVR, the price for it will be available for everyone. Buy power supply on our website at the best price and excellent quality. Now install the DVR and other useful devices in Your car will not cause any problems!