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09.02.2020 22:06 : Iran failed to launch a satellite remote sensing "Zafar"

News | Moscow Echo 09.02.2020 at 19:06

News on the echo of Moscow

As reported by state television of the country, the carrier rocket "Simorg" successfully launched a camera into space, but its speed is not enough to output it into orbit. In January 2019 – Iran also failed to bring some of their satellites into orbit.

Meanwhile, the US accuses Iran of testing ballistic missiles under the guise of space launch vehicles. Iran intends after 3 months to send into space one satellite "Nahid 1". Translated name of the planet Venus. The main objective of the satellite is to provide wireless communications in the territory of the Islamic Republic, according to Iranian news Agency Mehr, it refers to the statement of the national space Agency. The launch will help booster, which works on solid fuel. United States concerned about Tehran. Ballistic technologies, which are used for output of satellites into orbit, can be used to launch nuclear warheads, the fear in Washington. Tehran denies developing nuclear weapons. Relations between the two countries in recent years have escalated after the killing of American military in Baghdad of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in the beginning of the year. Tehran has promised Washington to respond harshly. Earlier concerns about the launch of Iran's missiles has expressed and Moscow.