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FOSS News No. 2 news overview of free and open source for 3-9 Feb 2020

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Continue news overview of free and open source software (and some iron). This time we tried to take not only the Russian sources, but also English, hope it's interesting. In addition, besides the news, added some references published over the past week, reviews and guides pertaining to FOSS and seemed interesting to me.

In issue No. 2, February 3-9, 2020:

conference FOSDEM 2020;

code WireGuard will be included in Linux;

Canonical provides additional opportunities for certified suppliers of equipment;

Dell has announced a new version of a top ultrabook on Ubuntu;

the project TFC offers a "paranoid" secure messaging system;

the court supported the developer, spoke in defense of the GPL;

a leading Japanese hardware vendor connects to the Open Invention Network;

the startup has attracted $ 40 million investment to streamline access to cloud Open Source projects;

open source monitoring platform for the industrial Internet of things;

in the Linux kernel solved the problem of 2038 year;

the Linux kernel will have the opportunity to solve the problem of the divided locks;

what venture capital sees the appeal of Open Source;

CTO IBM Watson stated the critical need for Open Source to the dynamically growing field of "peripheral computing";

using the Open Source fio utility to assess the performance of disks;

a review of the best open Ecommerce platforms in 2020;

a review of FOSS solutions for personnel management.

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