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The national guard of Ukraine has purchased the MAZ with sanctions YAMZ

It Became known that in 2019 the national guard of Ukraine has bought a batch of trucks MAZ YAMZ engines of Russian production. Supplier of vehicles "Spets-Kom-SERVIS" entered into a criminal conspiracy to corrupt, put the Ukrainian security forces, the cars with sanctions YAMZ.

on July 23 last year under the State defense order the National guard of Ukraine in the result of the tender was signed the State contract with LLC "Spets-Kom-SERVIS" for the supply of products. Was purchased a batch of the 16 on-Board vehicles for the carriage of personnel SKS-MZ5316-01BP on chassis MAZ-5316F5. Probably on the territory of Ukraine these cars were imported for civilian use. They had white color. And green frosted protective color painted only the visible part of the car. That is, for the national guard purposefully purchased a car created for use in a civil, not military terms.

participated In the tender and PJSC "AvtoKrAZ", for several years do not use components manufactured in Russia. The domestic company has offered its serial products - is a vehicle for the transportation of personnel, which is made on the basis of KrAZ-5233VE that is fully consistent with the terms of reference, access will be in the tender. Factory workers waited for a new order because it is additional load, work, money, and ultimately increase revenues to the budgets of all levels. Preference was given to the MAZ car, manufactured from Russian components.

so, military force - the National guard, which is designed to protect society and the state from criminal and other illegal encroachments, to ensure the cessation of terrorist activities, state security and protection of border is "in service" vehicles with engines that supplies the country-aggressor. What is it? Someone's private interests prevail over public? Who has the desire to develop domestic, and the Russian economy? Or just have a goal to obtain financial benefits from such "devastating" for domestic producers contract?

it is a Pity that in this way the state represented by the National guard, for the taxpayers ' money sponsoring those who are already the sixth year does not stop armed aggression against our country.