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In Moscow six times in two days have fixed excess of level of radiation in the area of South-East Expressway. The MOE deny it

Full tape of POLIT.RU 10.02.2020 at 08:47

Full tape POLIT.RU

The Sensor of the FSUE "radon" (structure "Rosatom") six times in two days recorded a 60-fold excess of level of radiation near the construction of the Moscow highway − the South-East of the chord (UVH) writes "MBH media" with reference to a member of the Communist party Dmitry Sarajevo.

"last night a device that have installed radon, again showed a sharp increase in radiation levels. It was 18 microsieverts, that is, 1800 micro-roentgen per hour, this is a very powerful dose. About five times in two days was such jumps. It's all filmed on video," said Barns.

According to him, the activists called in emergencies, but they refused to accept the challenge. The night came to them a guide, "Radon", to display the video with the readings of the sensor.

at Around midnight on 9 February, the MOE reported that the data about the sharp jump in radiation in Moscow is untrue.

On the website of FSUE "radon" States that the high radiation level persists in the region of Mytishchi and 0.19 µsv/h (maximum power radiation − 0.3 mSv/h).

Barnes stated that on the morning of February 10, the sensor once again recorded the excess of radiation. According to him, the city authorities put the "radon" to "all was calm".

"They [the Moscow authorities] have set the sensor to stay calm, which regularly records the emissions of certain radioactive substances. Experts say that this is some aerosol or gas," explained Barnes.

At the end of January 2020, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin confirmed that the construction site of UWH are radioactive waste.

"the Construction of the highway under the city never runs smoothly. But in the case of UVH we are faced with a unique, out of the ordinary problem − radioactive waste that in the 50-60-ies of the Moscow plant of polymetals stockpiled in their backyard," reads a statement on the website of the head of the capital.

According to Sobyanin, the company Polymetal "makes no effort to eliminate environmental damage, since technically now it's not his territory". The mayor promised that "soon" will start "a program of recultivation of the slope and removal of contaminated soil outside of Moscow".

At the end of October Greenpeace also confirmed the presence of five foci of radioactive contamination in the field of construction UVH. At these points the devices have fixed capacity 5-8 times higher than the natural background.

according to "MBH media", while building a track contaminated soil may come to the surface and the radioactive dust will spread at "a significant distance". If a person will breathe such air, then it will increase the risk of developing cancer.

In June 2019 edition of the Village wrote that HUGH is "right next to the burial ground of the plant of polymetals, where the burial of radioactive wastes of uranium and thorium ores" and the background radiation exceeds the norm by 300 times.

Then, the MOE has checked the construction site of the track and revealed multiple excess of norms of radioactivity. The mayor's office called this information a "fake".