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Phil Spencer about the lack of Xbox full Series X exclusives: Players above all the latest news on games. 10.02.2020 at 16:33 ( - all about the world of computer games.

People should have a choice.

Recently, Microsoft announced that within a year or two after the Xbox Series X plans to release games from their internal studios not only next-generation console, but on all other console the family Xbox One.

This decision was commented by the head of Xbox Phil Spencer. In his opinion, Microsoft "puts at the center the players, not the device." As a role model Spencer brought personal computers.

"If we look at the ecosystem of the PC, some games with outstanding graphics available to owners of high-performance systems. However, these same games can be run on a PC with much less features. With the features of modern game engines, developers can make full use of the available Playground equipment," said Spencer.

When elaborating the strategy regarding the Xbox Series X Microsoft wanted to make a powerful device, but wasn't going to leave owners of other consoles.

"We want the Xbox Series X was the best game console and provided a unique opportunity creators, which they will use to develop the best games. But it is not necessary to exclude all the others. Should go hand-in-hand with the developers, because they need the widest possible audience. Of course, the inevitable compromises," said Spencer.

Spencer added that Microsoft is not going to dictate to third-party studios, for what consoles need to make games, and which don't.