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A meeting with the head of the Ministry of construction of Russia Vladimir Yakushev

Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Minister of construction and housing and communal services Vladimir Yakushev. They discussed the situation in the sphere of housing construction and implementation of the program of resettlement from dilapidated housing.

Vladimir Putin: Mr President, You were one of the participants in our long discussions about the creation of a new system of financing of housing construction and General construction.

In the end the decision was made to Finance the sector through banks through escrow accounts. On this issue were significant concerns related to a possible slowdown in the construction sector. Now you can probably see some results.

How the system works, Your score?

V. Yakushev: as for the certain outcomes. Mr President, this is not the final statistics and data for today's date: enter we have for 2019 was 80.3 million square meters. For the first time, we have overcome the falling trend in 2015. It is a measure of the industry.

as for the transition to the escrow account. Of course, there were a lot of discussions, but this is the only correct way to protect the money of citizens. Today we can state that the number of developers who already work with the banks transferred to the escrow account, receive project financing is growing.

this year we have created a system, in this system, we today can clearly see every house. Today nine thousand eight homes, which are financed from the money of citizens, or project financing via the escrow account or by the old rules: 102,9 million square meters in the system. Of these, 26 million are already under construction through an escrow account, for the past two months, four million [square feet] projects have shifted to a new system.

as for projects that are built under the old rules. You set a tough task that they need in the shortest possible time to be completed and to proceed on the project financing. For the three months 11 million [square feet] delivered. Today we have 64 million being completed under the old rules. We can say that these houses are quite fast.

So we can say that the system is effective, the decisions made are correct. System generated today, from the point of view of the legislation absolutely correct. Therefore, we need in this direction to continue.

Vladimir Putin: Good. Dilapidated housing as jobs go?

V. Yakushev: as for the dilapidated housing, Mr President. We reported on December 25th You on the Council [for strategic development and projects] – disaster housing – we exceeded the figures for 2019 almost six times.

the Indicators that we took in the framework of the national project is 140 thousand square meters, in reality it was 800 thousand. This suggests that the subjects of the Russian Federation is now actively moving in that direction.

By 2020 we have a figure of one million [square feet], we should increase almost ten times. Our joint work with the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, bodies of local self-government (it is from their work, the work of these teams depends on how well we have implemented this program; the main operator is the Fund of assistance to reforming of housing and communal services) said today that the system in 2019, proven. We are now ready to perform more serious tasks: 2020, 2021 to 2024, we need to relocate more than one million square meters [emergency] housing.

Think, we will fulfill those indicators, envisaged in the national project. We have until 2024, these indicators have to fulfil within Your Decree No. 204 [may 7, 2018].

Vladimir Putin: Good.