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Quote #459975 10.02.2020 at 08:12

Book Runet

Axl NeferSky

Damn it, stop me someone...

Axl NeferSky

Challenge: write a small servercheck and small clienti. Servercheck needs team to give a list of files in the folder, and clienty - this list is drawn.

Axl NeferSky

Well, Cho?

Axl NeferSky

Again, total commander did. Damn.


right now I'm Oromo neighbors woke

Axl NeferSky

here Is every time this garbage.

Project Manager: Get a list of files. Just a list of files. Nothing more. Understand?

me: Yes, I understand, I understand. I'll just take the list of files, and just will bring it to the desired control. It's simple.

My head: So, take a list of files... and folders... And to distinguish them from each other, it is probably necessary icons relevant to stick - just two - for files and folders... Oh, what a good class, it is also the date of the last record to get...

two hours Later:

Mosk: But here we stick the inbuilt browser, select the theme and record it on CD!!!

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