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An hour spent in vain

Zadolba!whether 10.02.2020 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbal Me lunch!

more Precisely, his commitment to work and unpaid working time which is spent on it. Well, I don't want to have any hour of the day or three! And six — the most it. It just so happened that the body I Wake up in the evening or morning perceives as part of the night, and after a hearty Breakfast in the next eight hours at least I am not able to push themselves absolutely nothing. And I'm sure there are people who lunch time also not rested, so why not spend it on something else?

for Example, to leave work early. To quietly slip through rush hour, to have time to redo unnecessary things and just relax. Or, conversely, to sleep, to come on an hour later, and then to work together with all its eight hours without a break. I don't run to the bathroom and for coffee, don't smoke, I'm a man, fully focused on the task during the day, so why do I have to hang out in the office an extra hour and often prove to be the only person who turned up in the empty open space on which to hang the job?

Okay, let's say, the employer has no right to let me go because of the provisions of the labour code. Leave aside the fact that I ask to take my lunch and certainly to complain about not going, so why not just give me free time? For example, for a walk. I'm not going anywhere, because we are not in school and back on time or early, chomping at the workplace, I repeat, will not, so what's the fucking problem?! Yes, I love to walk, yeah, I don't care for weather, in case it rains I take the umbrella, and in the case Blizzard will be wrapped in a down jacket. But no, it turns out, that's not right, because: "you never know, you might be late, and then want to eat, and the rain on the street, all sitting in the office and you sit".

Sitting, trying to keep myself busy, keep doing the job, totally unnecessary drink my tea in the end. Connect colleagues: "why don't you lunch? And how so? Lunch should definitely go, you eat after six bad! It you're still young, and his regime need to change, you'll see what I'm saying!" Yes, I see. All my life I wear XS and dinner twice — can't leave these on the teeth due to the phrase for their own reassurance? If it were possible to not have Breakfast and carry food with him instead of lunch, I would have done so, but, unfortunately, I have a good appetite in the morning, but not afternoon.

I Hope nevertheless that always work in official places don't have, and yet — get it!