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Chinese coronavirus affects not all: the discovery that can't find an explanation

NEWS PLANET 09.02.2020 at 09:40

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Statistics says that among all infected people children almost no. Can recall only three cases of infection 22 Jan: infected 9-month-old girl in Beijing, the boy in Germany and another in Shenzhen. None of the cases had serious consequences, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

As scholars have noted, none of the guys under the age of fifteen years do not suffer from the coronavirus. If contamination occurred, the symptoms were observed. Children seem to be significantly less vulnerable. For some reason, the virus first affects the older generation, the middle, and then young. Children "turn" never comes, which is very good.

As noted by the pediatrician Aaron Millstone from Johns Hopkins University, if infected children in different bigger epidemic could not be avoided. Adults are much easier to explain the rules of caution. Children often violate them and, besides, constantly seeking someone to play, thereby spreading the virus.

Scientists do not know exactly why the coronavirus does not strike children. Perhaps their body is somehow reacting to the causative agent or is he just less susceptible. To date, no child has died from the coronavirus.