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In the galaxy XMM-2599 ceased to be born stars: scientists can't understand why

NEWS PLANET 09.02.2020 at 10:05

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Photo galaxy XMM-2599

Experts have discovered ancient ultramassive galaxy, which stopped the process of birth of stars. Why it happened, no one can explain, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

Scientists saw the galaxy XMM-2599 as it was 12 billion years ago. Then the Universe was only 1.8 billion years. Experts determined that all the stars in the galaxy are the mass of 300 billion Suns. It is important to note that while the formation of similar objects was something out of the ordinary.

it was Also observed that all the stars were created in the same era, when bodies have been formed at a rate of 1 thousand solar masses per year. For a better understanding of the speed note that today in the milky Way the speed is 1 solar mass per year.

At the end of the process of formation of new stars has ceased. It's the apparent death of the galaxy. What caused it is a mystery. Perhaps the reason was the black hole in the center.

Currently, the state of the galaxy to be traced while it is impossible: its light to us is simply not reached. It will happen more soon.