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Scientists said the ocean currents began to move faster

NEWS PLANET 09.02.2020 at 15:43

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Researchers conducted another study and found that ocean currents began to move about two times faster than it was twenty years ago, informs a portal PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

this speed is fixed across the planet. The most notable changes have been made in tropical latitudes. It should be noted that the flow velocity is increased two times, not only on the surface of the water, but at a sufficiently great depth, which reaches to 2 thousand meters.

Janet Sprintall talked about the fact that the opening of all very surprised. Many experts believe that this arose as a result of climate change on the planet. Also able to establish that increases the force of the wind. Every ten years, the coverage increases by 1.9%. The velocity of the currents in the oceans has increased by about 5% every 10 years.

Michael McFadden talked about what to notice an increase in flow rate turned out not once. The movement of such huge amount of water requires a lot of energy. To her is not easy and it needs to be natural causes. The culprit is happening while many call it global warming.