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Most serial killers were Taurus is your Zodiac sign

NEWS PLANET 10.02.2020 at 12:56

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A Scientist from Britain's David Jester has conducted another study in which he checked the date of birth of serial killers from different parts of the world. As it was established, most of them Zodiac sign was Taurus, informs a portal WWW. PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

Criminologists have long noticed that a large number of serial killers have very similar personality characteristics. But could this be associated with the Zodiac sign under which they were born? Many people today consider astrology a pseudo-science, and horoscopes are just a distraction. It seems unreal the fact that all of humanity can be divided exclusively into 12 groups.

Jester noted that the most studied serial killers were born from April 20 to may 20 – under the sign of Taurus. And this group is superior to all other characters. Among maniacs Bullocks was also attended by three women. Although the General background the number of female murderers is very small. In addition, the Jester was able to establish that the most common birth date were 24 April and 18 February. The latter date is the sign of Aquarius. In this day were born two of the most violent and dangerous serial killers.

In second place is the Pisces and then a Capricorn. The least dangerous sign according to the conclusions of the scientist have become Cancers. Of all studied cases a lobster has only one serial killer.