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Alice, look

Blog Yandex 10.02.2020 at 09:00

Blog Yandex

Alice considered a voice assistant: it listens to the voice, recognize words and does what she is asked. In fact, Alice is endowed with not only hearing but also vision — she can see the world through the lens of a smartphone or tablet.

Alice has its own lens. We call it the smart camera. A separate chamber is necessary, because the pictures of Alice perceives special. It is not just pictures, but a guide to action. Alice studies that depicted in the picture, and reacts according to the plot. In this post we will tell you what problems she can solve by using a photo.

object Recognition

Imagine that you saw something that caught your attention: a fancy car, a beautiful plant, fun dog. To learn more about them, we need to understand how they are properly called. You can try to describe the objects in words in the hope that knowledgeable people will understand you: "a dog with a face like a chrysanthemum" or "plant with small white-pink flowers and leaves with a platter, it smells delicious." And you can make photos and show to Alice — she'll tell you the name.

Recognition and text-to-speech

the Camera of the smartphone has replaced the pen and pad: right information, we photographed, not transcribed on a piece of paper. With images where there are letters, Alice is drawn in a special way. First, it is able to recognize printed text and converts the image into characters that you can paste into a text editor or send the letter. If the photo telephone number, Alice will propose to recruit him, and if the link is to open it in the browser. Second, it may sound the written. This feature is useful to those who hard to sort out small letters: for example, children or people with low vision.


not to get lost in a trip abroad, you need to carefully read the signs and signs. Difficult if they are not duplicated at least in English — and quite hard, if the country uses a letter other than the Latin alphabet or the Cyrillic alphabet. If you are in Georgia and I can never remember what ა is "a" and ო is "o", take a picture of the text, and Alice will display the translation. This way you can translate the menu in cafes and restaurants, signs in museums, ticket forms and in General any text that may appear to the tourist.


If you need to obtain a copy of the document, but you don't have a scanner, say "Alice, do scan" and take a picture of the sheet. Alice will process the picture: will cut all the excess and tweak the brightness and contrast so that white was white, black black, and the text was clearly visible.

Search products

the Desire to buy something is not always catches up with us in the store. Often, come to someone for a visit — and there is a printer that would be useful at home. And the owner — a shirt that would look good on you. Alice and here come to the rescue: make the things, and she will find the same or very similar to Yandex.Market. You immediately know the price and get a list of locations where goods are sold. For example, the clothes Alice tries in 116 thousands of online stores, including "Lamoda", "ASOs" and "Kupivip".

the Smart camera is available in mobile apps with Alice: this Yandex Browser and the Launcher. To turn the camera on, say, "Alice, take a picture" or "Alice, what in this picture?". Alice can work with pictures taken long ago — is enough to select the desired photo in the gallery phone or tablet.