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How to work on Shark Promotion? How much can you earn?

Serega's blog Goncharova 05.02.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Today consider quite an old project, works for 6 years. And all these years regularly pays.

Well, will not pull, and go straight to the point.

the First registration. It's simple. To come up with a username, enter email, and click register. The referrer you can not enter and do not choose, he will already be entered.

followed by the footnote, it describes what to do next. click on the button "Send code" and enter the code from the letter you received in the mail.

After the registration included in the account. Otherwise it will be deleted in 72 hours.

You comment on the statistics page. Her to stay didn't need. Go to the profile. If anything, I marked in the picture below, where to find them. You it especially gives nothing except that the system will be to you more confidence, which means more work.

If you see the Apple, then click on it and you credited rating.

what rating?

as usual. In order to make more money. The rating gives a higher status. Just below comparison table statuses.

How to earn a rating?

Viewing links in surfing: +0.10 points Viewing paid a visit: +0.10 points View link in the auto-surf: +0.05 points Reading advertising messages: +0.10 points the job of the advertiser: +1.00 points passing the test: +1.00 points the Involvement of referral: +10.00 points For daily activity: +3.00 points For each avatar on the Board: +10 points For the transition stat.links, pseudo-links and banners: +0.05 points For every 10 rubles spent to pay for advertising advertising account: +5.00 points For each full 10 rubles spent by the referral to pay for the advertising with promotional accounts: +1.00 points NEW Deposit piggy Bank: +3.00 points for each popolnenie ruble. The deviation of the job: — 1 point to the reputation of the contractor. The lack of activity during the week(7 days): -10.00 points

(done in order to inactive users released TOP100) Ban: -1`000.00 points

Now when we dealt with everything all filled out, go to the section "Earn". A lot of ways in this section. Well, see yourself.

the Only catch may be with jobs. Always pay attention to the statistics of accepted and rejected jobs. The rating assignments and for comments on the task from other users. If the job is a new look at the status of a given job. The points the author should never be in the red.

to earn more. You need to invite referrals. To do this, go to "Working with referrals" — "Advertising materials". Take the links and banners and start promoting.

the Referrals you can buy on the exchange. Just look at the activity referral.

another way to attract referrals is "Ref wall." Just 25 rubles, you will show free users.

don't forget to encourage your referrals. Install them Ref-Beck. You can install it in "Working with referrals" and "My referrals 1st level."

Well, that's all. If you follow all this, then you can earn 300 $ a day. No longer, as even the highest status on this project can withdraw only 300 rubles a day.

If you are interested in this project, then just below click on the banner and register.

don't forget to write comments.

All the while, and good luck with earnings!

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