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How to work on AdBTC? How much can you earn?

Serega's blog Goncharova 10.02.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Today I'll tell you about one unusual books. It is very simple. Apart from the fact that it is only surfing websites. He does not pay in roubles, and in satolah.

For those who do not know Satoshi is 0,00000001 bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which at the time of this writing is 576150 rubles.

the Site is very long. Before he got there by invitation only. Now you can just go and be registered. Accordingly, the site is paying, else I would not have lived long.

here we go.

the First thing to register.

don't be scared line bitcoin address. This is the address of your wallet. Just register your bitcoin wallet. They are everywhere. For example I took on Payeer.

After you register you will transfer to the statistics page. You are prompted to confirm the email address. Do it and go to work.

Options for income there are only three, two of them were empty.

But still, in all three types of earnings is not bad. Go to the "Surf sites". Before proceeding, we are asked to pass a captcha.

have Passed the captcha and start earning. Now I have 27 sites in the amount 284,2 Satoshi. Translated into rubles, it is 1.66 rubles.

Yes the earnings here are not the greatest. But I do not recommend to transfer bitcoins to rubles. Suppose now bitcoin of 500,000, at the time when you see this article bitcoin could be worth more, maybe less. Wait until the cryptocurrency will rise in price and then sell.

Another way of earning referrals. Take a reference and start to advertise it. Get 10% from referrals earnings and 5% from ad purchases your referral.

the Referrals you can buy. Unlike other PTC sites I found here not working sold the Referers. Everything was working, active, maybe it's because of the policies of the site.

a Little bit about the rating. Yes, he is there. Earn enough just. You need to be active every day. What is it for? Just to had more opportunities to earn. People with a great rating get it is more and more, yet they have bonuses when you purchase advertising.

How much can you earn on this project?

From 1 to 100 rubles, if, immediately to transfer all earnings into rubles. If you collect Satoshi, and wait for the price rise on BTC, the profit will increase 5 to 6 times.

the Output is up to 3 working days, i.e. from Monday to Friday. If you find yourself in the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) period of output increases.

that's it. If you are interested in this project, then catch the link.

If you write that in the comments.

so far, and good luck with earnings!

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