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"Spartak" goes to the playoffs, "AK bars" wins the division. Review of the day

News of the KHL 11.02.2020 at 19:55

Spartak: strong-willed victory and reaching the play-offs

"Spartak" (Moscow) – metallurg (Magnitogorsk) – 4:2 (0:0, 1:2, 3:0)

If you use a tennis terminology, for "Spartak" the match with "metallurg" became the third "matchbook". To get the ticket to the playoffs red-and-white had in the previous two games against Dynamo Moscow and SKA. But both meetings the team of Oleg snarky lost, moreover, failed to score any goals. However, "Spartak" points for getting to the Cup round could not recruit enough misfires HC "Sochi". But yet the southerners did not allow them. Today they had a meeting in Podolsk, where the fans of "Spartacus" was followed with no less interest.

It was the second and last meeting of the teams in the League. The first red-and-white were unable to win in the "enchanted" for themselves Magnitogorsk (3:4). "Magnitogorsk" this match was also is paramount, as the Ural team, unlike the rival from the playoffs much further – team Ilya Vorobyov is located in eighth place in the East. Any changes in the hosts did not happen – back Alexander Nikishin and Anton Zlobin, last played in the basis 1 October last year. "Magnitogorsk" compared with a victorious match against "Avant-garde" released Bereketova Alexei is Ivan Vereshchagin.

Before the game the bleachers were warmly welcomed on a symbolic throw-in in the legend of "Spartacus" Boris Mayorov, who turned in the day of the match 82.

the First period has passed with appreciable advantage of the visitors who started the game at the highest speeds. Several times Spartak had saved Julius hudacek. The first goal was the result of curiosity – when you eject the puck from the zone of broken stick, the defender of "Spartacus" Maxim Goncharov. This led to the interception, and Bogdan Potekhin, coming to the gate, took out the Hudacek. After 8 minutes Andrew Nestrasil, having the most, doubled the result, and the potters scored again. Defender of "Spartacus" stated something to the referee immediately after the goal. Words were assessed a disciplinary penalty before the end of the game. But almost immediately Robin Hanzl, faster than all Orient at the patch, has returned "Spartak" in the game and broke the goal drought the team, which lasted more than seven ages.


the Goal spurred Spartak, and in the third period, the hosts began to turn a quick matching game that had an immediate effect on the account. First, a long positional attack resulted in an accurate long range shooter Patrick Hursley, and almost immediately red-white implemented the first their most in the match – Kaspars Daugavins put his team in front. Metalurh have made every effort to recoup, but more defence failures are not allowed. "Spartak" has won strong-willed victory and advanced to the playoffs.

"the hero" has interrupted a series from three defeats and away from "Sochi"

"Vityaz" (Moscow region) – "HC Sochi" (Sochi) – 2:1OT (0:0, 0:1, 1:0, 1:0)

"Vityaz" and "Sochi" — closest neighbors in the standings, with city-dwellers, occupying the eighth place, before this meeting has lost three games in a row, while residents coming ninth consecutive win. So the distance was reduced to six points with a game in hand at the black sea. Moreover, their recent face-to-face confrontation, during which "knights" conducted 2:0 and 3:1 and 4:2, eventually ended with the victory of "Sochi" 5:4. That is, if to put outside the brackets their position in the standings, all the other factors have made a favourite guest.

They started out as favorites: attacked much more often and sharper than the hosts. Except for a couple of episodes it was impossible to say that Ilya Ezhov rescued the city-dwellers; but in reality — more like rescued. He took the right position, causing the vast majority of shots had it so necessary splits and other spectacular actions simply did not arise.

Yezhov faltered in the closing stages of the second period. Vacatures far from the gate, he tipped the puck in front of him — and here precisely and took the twine, but Ilya is not reached: Denis Mosalem celebrated their 500th match of the regular championship goal. Following this, Alexander Semin earned a penalty, and after serving it and step on the ice, was rolled out on the kind of bullet. No one overtook, no one interfered; Alexander attempted to realize the beautiful — and could not beat Ivan Nalimov.


the Third period has passed in mutual attacks, the closest to success was the owners — they it and achieved beautiful goal was scored by Daniel Moses. But in overtime, Semin chic flick brought the "Vityaz" victory. Residents will put in the tournament piggy one point, but missed the opportunity to get close to the eighth row.

Savinainen brought "Jokerit" victory over the "Tractor"

"Jokerit" (Helsinki) – "the Tractor" (Chelyabinsk) – 3:2 (0:0, 1:2, 2:0)

If you do not know anyone in this meeting is the host site and the guest, as well as a place in the championship, it was possible to mix everything up. Chelyabinsk, East of the outsiders initially completely outplayed one of the leaders of the West. While having a numerical advantage and is staged at the gate "Jokerit" fire. Which, however, ended not with a goal, and the destruction of Andrei Popov. Response, most owners weren't so bright, but in the second half of the launch period still leveled the game, and Stanislav Galimov saved his team from at least two very likely goals.

Immediately after the break, the Urals achieved success: Yaroslav Kosov from the second the goal opened the scoring. The Finns played pretty fast and looks very simple — as if these goals they can score at any moment, "to order". At the moment it did Veli-Matti Savinainen expressing the majority. However to the second break, the visitors again took the lead thanks to Lukas Sedlak.

And the third period began, too, with attacks of Chelyabinsk, and again to extinguish their owners helped remove the "Tractor" — this time on the bench "sit down" Christian Thomas. Trying again to implement most of Savinainen on the patch — I think unintentionally — elbow drove Galimov in the head, and even the helmet saved him from a knockdown. Instead Galimova came Ivan Fedotov, and soon Marko Anttila scored. But Fedotov blame cannot review him tightly blocked two own counsel.


Ural rushed to move forward, earned the most, and missed the counter, and then Fedotov has played not the best way, and scored the same Savinainen. A minute later the visitors managed to put the puck in Jokerit, but as with the washer pushed and Janis Kalnins, the goal was not counted. Ending the game entirely took place in the area of Finns, but they managed to fight back, continuing the trend: "Tractor" in Helsinki has not yet won a single match.

"Kunlun interrupts the series of defeats, Gruber plays zero

"Siberia" (Novosibirsk) – "Kunlun Red star" (Beijing) – 0:3 (0:0, 0:3, 0:0)

Three years ago, "Kunlun" not allowed "Siberia" in the playoffs. From that moment began a black stripe of the Novosibirsk team. Now it is the Chinese who could officially open the gates to the Siberians in the Cup of Gagarin. To do this, the trust Nikolai Zavarukhin had to beat the "dragons" and to wait misfires of "Cupid" with "Neftekhimik".

Despite the fact that all three of the previous match of these teams in the season was prolific, the first period of the meeting in Novosibirsk has appeared bezgolevym. "Kunlun mountains" several times caught the defenders "Siberia" in moments of pressure, but the real chances Harry Sateri before the break did not create. But on the opposite side of the court at times it was hot. Alexander Sharov has not got to empty gate after superpose Jyrki Jokimaki, and at the end of the period, the hosts made a real pile.

At the start of the second period is at the gate "Siberia" there is a fire situation. Sateri saved first rod, and then Nicholas Timashov, who passed the puck with ribbons. However, it took just a few minutes as the guests succeeded. Tyler Vaughn got the puck in a strange area and went through the trap Sateri - 0:1! Double by guests immediately, but after winning faceoffs in the centre circle hunter Shynkaruk was less accurate. In General, the "Kunlun mountains" after the break significantly increased.


Both teams tried to stretch the opponent and force defenders to make mistakes, but the difference between "Siberia" and "Kunlun" was in scoring goals. If Viktor Komarov, Juuso Puustinen and Nikita Mikhailov smeared from one hundred percent of situations, then Brandon Yip with Devante Smith-Pelly was much colder. Here and 0:3 to the second break. Novosibirsk was replaced by the goalkeeper and passed to game in three links, but to make another comeback with "Kunlun" are unable. Goalkeeper Simon Gruber reflected on 28 shots and the second time played in the NHL at zero, and his team continues the race for the playoffs.

The three points Murphy bring success to the residents

"Neftekhimik" (Nizhnekamsk) – "the locomotive" (Yaroslavl) – 4:3 (2:2, 1:0, 1:1)

In the first match after a pause, "Neftekhimik" had to fight at home of Lokomotiv Moscow. This season the citizens have won the team Vyacheslav Butsaev at home with the score 6:3. If "the locomotive" in the next few days will be able to secure a place in the playoffs, the residents are all in the fight. In the remaining eight games, they need to score maximum points in order to be able to cling to the Cup eight. The next three home match "Neftekhimik" will be dedicated to the memory of the heroes of the great Patriotic war.

the Events in the game develop faster. In the beginning of 8-th minute owners conducted with the account 2:0 after exact throws of Marat Khairullina and Ryan Murphy. The coaching staff of the railway immediately took a timeout, while not becoming to change Alexander Lazutina. Before the first break Stephane Da Costa and Vladimir Tkachev has set the scoreboard equality.


In the second period the home team had the advantage and managed to seize the opportunity in most, although at the time the goal of the team was already in equal structures. Ildar Siksatara modified with penny sent the puck into the gate of Lazutina. The citizens pressured in the third period, but in the minority were caught on the break from the Jonas Enlund. At the end of the game, having removed the goalkeeper "the locomotive" was only able to score one goal. The most productive player of the match was Murphy, who scored 3 (1+2) points.

Metsola repeated the record of Ersberg

"Salavat Yulaev" (Ufa) – "Admiral" (Vladivostok) – 3:0 (1:0, 2:0, 0:0)

Series of games of the regular season between Ufa "Salavat Yulaev" and Vladivostok "Admiral" continued its action in Ufa. In the previous three games twice won the "ulicy", the far East was content with one victory. Both teams continue to lead the race for the playoffs, and if the retinue of Nicholas Sulygina before another meeting is located on the sixth place in the East, the "sailors" from the Cup eight were separated by three points.

the Team quite actively started the match despite the fact that more than a week has had no match practice. More interesting in terms of building attacks acted hockey players "Salavat Yulaev": the legionary trio of owners of the site for a long time "drove" the far East in their area. The first goal in the match was lucky enough to score it hopefully: Nikita Soshnikov goal after a shot by Mikhail Pashmina pushed the ball into the net Juho Olkinuora. "Admiral" said a dangerous release of Sean Lalonde to the gate Yuxi Metsola.

"Salavat" has continued to dominate in the second period of play, often creating trouble at the gate "seamen". Throw the best scorer of the Ufa team Linus Odarka was in the crossbar of the opponent, and two excellent chances the Theme of Hartikainen was neutralized competent action Olkinuora. The team of Sergey Svetlov looking for chances in counter attacks: the attackers of the first line of "Admiral" Denis Vikharev and Markus Jung had a great chance.

In the middle of a meeting of the sailors has summed up the discipline - two players of "Admiral" with seven seconds gone in the penalty box. The alignment of five-on-three, the Ufa was able to succeed: Hartikainen has successfully substituted a stick under a throw Odarka. After a few minutes, "Salavat" took advantage of the two outputs into one with the participation of Alexander Kadeikin and Hartikainen: the Theme was beat the goalkeeper, becoming the scorer.


the Pattern of the game remained unchanged in the third period. Hopefully the more time spent in the attack, the far East, correctly repelled the onslaught of the opponent. The fourth season ended with a confident victory "Salavat Yulaev" - 3:0, and Juha Metsola has chalked up a second "cracker" in home games against the "Admiral", repeating the achievement the other goalie in the history of the Bashkir club Eric Ersberg - 11 setauto for Salavat in the KHL. The sailors because of the defeat in Ufa complicated for themselves and the already difficult task of getting teams in the playoffs.

the Amur was close to overtime in St. Petersburg

"SKA" (St.-Petersburg) – "the Cupid" (Khabarovsk) – 3:2 (0:1, 2:0, 1:1)

Khabarovsk arrived in St. Petersburg on the eve of Valentine's day, and marketers of army club his chance is not missed – instantly remade poster of "SKA – Amour" and built all the pre-match activity around the theme of love. Love hockey, of course. However the players of both teams was not up to the warm feelings. Guests are waging a fierce struggle for a place in the top eight in the East, the owners also have something to fight for – "Jokerit" preserves a real chance to catch up with SKA in the Bobrov division.

Motivation of "Cupid" at first it seemed weightier. Khabarovsk has kept the starting pressure of the army, is forced to fight and opened the scoring. Ondřej Vitasek throw from the blue line flashed Alexander Samonov. So terminated the series of the St. Petersburg goalkeeper who had previously made two "biscuit" in a row.

the far East is the master matches the zero – Evgeny Alikin, but this time it was not even in stock. Alexander Gulyavtsev made a bid for 22-year-old goalkeeper Yevgeny Kiselyov. He has to stay in the Ice was only two games in the KHL in the season 2017/2018. Kiselev a period meant well, but first delete the guests proved to be effective. Denis Golubev went to the penalty box before the first break, and once the army team played for the second 20 minutes. All done missed the hockey Alexander Barabanov. The striker has not played since late December and now - he was injured and returned to the ice and scored with transfer nail Yakupov.


the moment with the second goal of SKA not without the main characters Jan – youth three. Basil Podkolzin Ivan Morozov and Kirill Marchenko continued to burn in February. Young forwards so tortured opponents with pressure that Basil Tokranova plenty of time to roll into another area, aim and shoot into the far corner. Khabarovsk just do not give up – in the end of the game Denis Golubev scored the equaliser, but before overtime the "Cupid" to make it not given. Kirill Marchenko often fall out on the line with Evgeni Kets and clearly not forgotten the old ties. Three minutes before the siren 19-year-old forward started the captain in a race for the gate, he rolled into position for the throw, and sumptuously scored with awkward hands. In such a goal really possible to fall in love!

Another home defeat "the Motorist" from "Barys"

"the Motorist" (Ekaterinburg) – "Barys" (Nur Sultan) – 2:4 (0:0, 2:2, 0:2)

All season the team of Andrew Skabelka come to the capital of the Urals, as a home. Last five home matches against "Barys" Yekaterinburg lost and on the road to requite managed only once. Finally, confident a series of "bars" at three wins in a row also did not promise to owners anything good.

At the end of the first period Barys opponent perepisali. The team of Andrew Skabelka did not hesitate to own space, and finally establish itself in the status of "first issue" prevented removal of almost half of the time guests spent in the minority. "Drivers" their opportunities missed, though not without a fight – several times a game in all its glory was entered by Edward Pasquale. However, the really poignant moments did not create neither one nor the other.

the Measured pace of the team have maintained and in the second period, however, to the delight of the audience, the game interfered Fortuna. In the 25th minute Nikita Mikhaylis realized goal, breaking Vladimir Galkin throw almost behind the goal. Already on the "equator" is hardly more logical goal was scored "Motorist" Alexei Vasilevsky casually catapulted shell into a corner of a foreign area, however, instead of having to "sail" in hand already came to the rescue of the gate Pasquale, flew straight to the penny – Eugene Moser was not to miss. By half-time the rivals had built another goal, and mechanically looked so much alike that the match frankly smell overtime.


At the start of the final segment Dustin Boyd effectively played on the rebound after a throw, that, apparently, it is not included in the plans of the owners. Counter-strike "Motorist" did not realize, but the most poignant moment – clean output 1-on-1 counter attack – missed Brooks Macek. The fourth goal five minutes before the siren finally put the hosts in anguish and put an end to the final, the sixth person match between "Motorist" and "Barys" this season.

the citizens of Minsk for the first time in the season beat the Riga club

"Dynamo" (Riga) – "Dynamo" (Minsk) – 1:2 (0:0, 0:2, 1:0)

Long gaming day ended in Riga, where for the fourth time in the season played by local and Minsk "Dynamo". A team of Girts Ankipans played three of his teammates from the capital of Belarus. The residents lost the reported match ten matches in a row and was going to interrupt this unfortunate series. As for the standings, both teams completing the Western conference and a summary table of the championship.

In the first period, the teams exchanged only opportunity to realize extra, but the main events happened in the second third of the game. It all started with a fight Andris, Jerina and Mikhail Stefanovich. Soon the account was opened, Andrei Kostitsyn cleverly thrown with a negative angle, and the puck was in the gate of Alexander Herring. After fifteen minutes in the washer after a throw of Ryan Spooner and deflection from Carter Ashton was again at the gates of Riga.


In the final game segment Minsk continued to dominate possession, but were unable to avoid nerve endings. In the 57th minute, the balinski far throw gained one goal, but more of a team Ankipans are unable to do.

record Slepyshev repeats Radulov, Tolchinsky draws double

"CSKA" (Moscow) – "torpedo" NN (Nizhny Novgorod oblast) – 4:1 (1:0, 2:1, 1:0)

CSKA which in this season has twice been beaten "torpedo", this time took Volzhan in the LDS CSKA on Leningradsky Prospekt. Here CSKA has won a victory in the previous meeting with "Kunlun". As in that game, red and blue couldn't help Sergey Andronov, Jiri Cleaver and Ivan Telegin. In the hospital "torpedo" remained one of the best scorers of the team Mikhail Varnakov.

As in the previous matches Anton Slepyshev took place in a shock triple, and scored before the break. Forward of CSKA has substituted a stick on pjatachke, scoring points in 14th match in a row. There is a repetition of a club record, and CSKA in the KHL, which belongs to Alexander Radulova.


After a break "a torpedo" has added in activity. It is the high pressure forced the CSKA defenders to make mistakes in their zone. The lightning followed the transfer of Ty Retty on the nose. The canadian striker did not miss, scoring points for the fourth match in a row. However, first delete the "torpedo" in the match led to the washer. Sergey Tolchinsky throw zero angle ended up in Anders Lindbäck, after which the puck ricocheted into the goal. Two minutes later, the CSKA forward scored twice, sighting and shooting from the defender.

the final period the guests were allowed to strike CSKA just three shots on target. But it was enough for the army to be different. Alexei Marchenko is in the minority has amazed already empty gate. The win over Nizhny Novgorod allowed CSKA to strengthen the leadership, and even more to break away from the "AK Bars" in the PivotTable.

the Thriller in Balashikha ended with a victory "Avant-garde"

"Avangard" (Omsk) – "AK bars" (Kazan) – 2:1B (1:0, 0:0, 0:1, 0:0, 1:0)

In the new year "avant-garde" closely approached "AK Bars" in the battle for the lead in the East. But after an impressive winning streak, the hawks have lost three games in a row. A break for "Avant-garde" came in handy. They managed the opening of the meeting: already in the first shift Valentin Pyanov threw the puck to the newly made winner of the Kharlamov division. Avtomobilist lost at home "Barys" has lost all chances to catch up with the "AK bars" in the standings.

After that goal the "vanguard" began as closely as possible and reliable to operate in their area. The initiative was taken with "AK bars", while the owners of the ice stinging her dangerous rival in the counterattack. Avangard got the opportunity to develop an advantage in the middle of the second period, when twice almost without interruption were in the majority. However, "AK bars" survived after deletions Justin Azevedo and Stanislav Galiev.


It was half in the closing stages of the game and become the Savior of Kazan. At the end of the meeting, if you already removed the goalkeeper, Galiev received a magnificent pass from Justin Azevedo. The striker was all alone at the far post and sent the game into overtime. An additional five minutes yielded no result, and in a series of penalty shots were more successfully owners. Now Azevedo has performed himself, but the hero of the series was Taylor Beck, who converted both attempts.